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Innovating for a Sustainable Tomorrow

IPG values innovation, accountability and transparency, which is why we continually strive to advance our sustainability strategy to align with the fundamental principles of our stakeholders and local communities. We integrate safety, reliability and sustainability fundamentals within our operations and product development initiatives. 

It is our responsibility to utilize our unique innovation capabilities in response to societal and environmental challenges. We see our purpose in the sustainability field as providing cutting-edge products that help our customers and society as a whole ensure sustainable energy consumption.

Reducing Industrial Waste

Reducing Industrial Waste

As the leader in fiber laser technology, we have introduced innovations to make industrial lasers more power efficient. The energy efficiencies provided by IPG fiber lasers not only lowers our customer’s operating costs, but more importantly reduces their carbon footprint and reduces greenhouse emissions produced by industrial applications.

IPG Lasers Reduce Operations Costs and COEmissions

IPG fiber lasers stand out as a superior choice in terms of efficiency and environmental impact. In comparison to traditional methods, IPG innovative technology offers significant advantages in energy utilization and heat management.

Nd:YAG Laser 
 2% efficient


Equivalent to a traditional filament light bulb, the majority of input energy for this type of laser is lost as heat. 

More electricity is needed to attain required output power, necessitating powerful chillers to dissipate the significant heat which is effectively lost energy.


CO2 Laser
 7% to 8% efficient


While these types of lasers are 3-5x more efficient than Nd:YAG laser, more than 90% of CO2 input energy is lost as heat, much like a CFL bulb. 

Significant cooling is also required for most industrial applications, further increasing the energy usage of COlasers.


IPG Fiber Laser 
40% to 57% efficient


IPG fiber lasers deliver the highest energy efficiencies up to 57%, dramatically reducing the input power needed to operate. 

 Also, fiber’s high surface area to volume ratio combined with its efficiency greatly reduces heat output and corresponding cooling cost of a chiller.

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

Our commitment extends towards mitigating the environmental footprint generated by our manufacturing processes and enhancing the overall sustainability of our operations. Our newly constructed facilities surpass the required energy codes, exemplifying our dedication to eco-friendly practices. The integration of LED light fixtures in these facilities has led to a 75% reduction in electricity consumption compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, while also incorporating the most water-conserving plumbing fixtures available. At select major facilities, we have also implemented co-generation and heat recovery systems.

Our ongoing efforts involve identifying innovative methods to divert materials and waste generated by our operations away from landfills. A notable initiative includes the establishment of a metal recovery program, resulting in significant savings of materials like aluminum, copper, and steel, with over 2,800 metric tons of material recycled since 2013.

Combating Climate Change

Combating Climate Change

We are committed to protecting the environment by fueling the renewable energy sector on their journey to instituting a low-carbon society.

Fiber lasers for green products. Advancing the production of solar panels is an integral component of our strategy to help society transition towards a future run on renewable energy sources. Our lasers are critical to reducing photovoltaic manufacturing costs since these processes are significantly more efficient, precise and faster than conventional ones.

Learn how IPG enables manufacturers to meet their sustainability goals.

Learn how IPG enables manufacturers to meet their sustainability goals.

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