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Laser Microprocessing

Laser Microprocessing Solutions
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Products across all industries continue to get smaller and more complex. Precision, speed, and quality are the key factors in microprocessing of components found in our daily lives. Cutting of transparent and brittle materials, joining plastics, selective material removal, micro-drilling, and surface structuring are all applications that benefit from our range of fiber laser microprocessing solutions.

The IPG Difference

The IPG Difference

Industrial Fiber Laser Leader & Pioneer: IPG invented and popularized industrial fiber lasers, revolutionizing materials processing across virtually every industry and application. Continuous innovation has made a wide variety of microprocessing applications both possible and dramatically more productive.

Vertically Integrated R&D and Production: IPG designs, produces, and rigorously tests all critical components in every IPG laser. Vertical integration expedites product development, allowing IPG to meet customer needs faster than any other company. Internal production ensure full quality control over all microprocessing solutions.

Widest Range of Products: IPG offers the most diverse range of laser sources for microprocessing across all modes of operation from continuous wave to pulsed nanosecond and ultrafast, the broadest wavelength range from UV to to green to mid-IR, and the widest powers range from watts to kilowatts. Beyond lasers, IPG designs and manufactures beam delivery, systems, and software  optimized for microprocessing applications.


Advantages of Fiber Lasers for Microprocessing

Fiber lasers provide microprocessing capabilities essential for high quality and low cost production of complex devices, products, and parts. Without fiber lasers, these devices would be either too costly for mass adoption or simply impossible to produce. As the inventor and world’s leading producer of fiber lasers, IPG Photonics utilizes decades of real-world processing experience to offer the most diverse range of laser sources for microprocessing.


IPG ultrafast fiber lasers combine CPA architecture with revolutionary technologies to create the most compact ultrashort pulsed lasers in the world.


IPG fiber lasers are the most reliable in the industry. A unique internal design provides unmatched longterm power stability.

Energy Efficient

The diodes that power IPG fiber lasers are the most energy efficient diodes available, offering dramatically reduced power consumption and energy costs.

Easy Integration

Compact rack and modules formats plus flexible fiber delivery and ultra-compact heads enable easy installation and integration.

Flexible Architecture

IPG laser sources offer a broad range of output powers, pulse energies, repetition rates, and wavelength options to best match microprocessing applications.

Rapid Warm-Up

IPG fiber lasers are ready to go when you are, meaning you spend less time waiting for them to warm up and more time processing precision features.

Low Maintenance

Designed to require virtually zero maintenance, IPG fiber lasers offer increased uptime for higher microprocessing throughput and lower cost per part.

Flexible Fiber Delivery

IPG fiber cables provide long runs for more flexible integration in a wider variety of locations, even when space is limited.

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    Medical Fine Tube & Stent Cutting

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    Glass Cutting & Marking

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Eliminate Negative Heat Effects


Operating in pulse durations measured in femtoseconds and picoseconds, ultrafast fiber lasers remove material while dramatically reducing negative heat effects.

This "cold" processing virtually eliminates heat affected zones, unwanted melting, and cracking for consistent, controlled processing of high-precision features and sensitive materials.

A wide range of laser wavelengths from deep UV to mid-IR can be optimized to the material and application to further reduce heat input for particularly sensitive features.



Maximize Throughput


Precision laser microprocessing does not have to come at the cost of high processing speeds. For many applications, lasers utilizing pulse durations measured in nanoseconds enable excellent feature quality and high productivity.

For applications that require even shorter pulse durations and shorter wavelengths, IPG lasers offer the flexibility to tune operating frequency and maximize pulse energy for maximum precision at higher throughputs.

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    Polyimide Cutting

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    Polymer Marking

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    Ceramic Drilling (200 µm Holes)

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    Cutting & High Resolution Drilling of Alumina (2,000+ Holes)

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    Polymer Tube Welding

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    Sapphire & Silicon Cutting

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Increase Feature Quality


Single-mode fiber lasers produce remarkably small focal spots, with diameters as low as <20 µm, on the target material for high-precision results. Fiber lasers can also emit light in longer pulses with high peak power.

Maximized laser power density and peak power enable clean cutting of fine features and precision welding in a wide variety of materials. In certain materials and applications, shorter green and ultraviolet wavelengths enable even higher precision and smaller part features.

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