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Laser Welding

What is Laser Welding?

Laser welding is the process of transferring a laser beam's energy in the form of heat to fuse or join parts. This transferred heat melts the materials to form a molten weld pool that subsequently cools and fuses the targeted area together. Laser welding is a flexible process that can be performed with or without filler material and is used to create seams and joints that are narrow, wide, shallow, or deep in a variety of materials including metals, dissimilar and reflective materials, and non-metals.

Although lasers create a relatively small spot on the parts to be welded, weld pools that are significantly wider than the spot can be created by directing the beam in customizable patterns. For parts and materials that cannot handle excessive thermal input, lasers can be optimized to achieve rapid weld penetration and scanned along the joint to reach speeds as high as several meters per minute. Although laser welding is easily automated, the process is also easy to perform by hand using handheld laser welders as a faster, easier, and higher quality replacement for traditional handheld welding methods.

Advantages of Laser Welding

High Precision & Repeatability

Laser welding creates a small spot on the part for precise control over the weld pool. As a non-contact process, laser welding experiences virtually no degradation in weld quality.

High Weld Quality

Laser welding creates exceptionally high-quality joints with excellent physical and electrical properties, even when joining challenging materials like aluminum or dissimilar metals. 

High Welding Speed

Laser beams can be rapidly scanned along the work surface to create simple or complex seam shapes. For many applications, laser welding is significantly faster than alternative welding methods.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Laser welding is a non-contact process that requires virtually no maintenance or consumables, allowing laser welding systems to be up and running longer and more consistently.

Low Heat Input

Laser welding directs heat precisely to generate smaller heat affected zones, minimizing distortion and other negative heat effects in sensitive parts and materials.

Easily Automated

As a flexible and simple to integrate process, laser welding solutions can be easily automated at almost any scale of production.

Laser Welding: A Flexible Solution

Whether for precision or structural welding, laser welding is an easily automated solution for creating excellent quality welds rapidly and reliably.

Laser welding solutions can be seamlessly integrated into almost any manufacturing environment to maximize your operation's productivity.



Weld a Wide Range of Materials & Geometries


Laser welding is not just for typical structural applications like automotive and aerospace, but also for complex components found in electronics, medical devices, and electric vehicles.

Modern components require modern joining solutions capable of processing materials that range from thin films to thicker metals and even polymers without distortion or damage.

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    Up to 100 mm Weld Penetration

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    Dissimilar Material Welding

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    White & Clear Polymer Welding

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    Copper & Titanium Plate Welding

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    High-Speed Construction Steel Welding with No Edge Preparation

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Laser Welding: The Clear Choice

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