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IPG Dual-Beam Lasers - Adjustable Mode Beam Technology

Dual-Beam Lasers

Dual Beam Lasers are composed by a core beam and a ring beam.

What Are Dual-Beam Lasers?

Single-beam lasers, the traditional choice for a wide variety of applications, focus one beam of light into a single spot. Dual-beam lasers introduce a secondary ring beam that surrounds the primary core beam. The addition of the ring beam enables a variety of benefits for materials processing applications like welding, cutting, and drilling.

Adjustable Mode Beam (AMB) is the dual-beam technology that powers IPG dual-beam fiber lasers. AMB enables independent adjustment of both the core and ring beams, allowing users to tailor a variety of power combinations best suited to the application.​

AMB dual-beam lasers offer the broadest range of beam profile tunability available, dramatically increasing materials processing speed and quality compared to alternative dual-beam technologies.

Dual-Beam Welding Eliminates Weld Defects

Traditional Single Beam Laser Welding

High-speed keyhole laser welding can create high levels of vapor pressure, propelling liquid metal spatter from the weld pool. Spatter deposition contaminates the work area and increases the risk of short circuits for electrical welding, increasing system downtime and part rework. The loss of material often causes porosity in the solidified joint that leads to reduced strength, cracking, and non-hermetic seams.

AMB Dual-Beam Laser Welding

The introduction of a ring beam stabilizes the weld pool to allow metal vapor to escape without spatter. The addition of this wider area of lower laser power allows the weld pool to solidify more gradually, preventing cracking. By stabilizing the keyhole, AMB enables welding speeds up to more than 10X faster than single beam welding while producing smoother joints with superior mechanical strength.

Dual-Beam Laser Modes of Operation

IPG Single-Mode AMB fiber lasers


With unmatched beam quality and single-mode core power, single-mode AMB fiber lasers are the laser of choice for high-speed, spatter-free precision welding for applications like e-mobility and battery welding.


  • High-speed, spatter-free precision welding
  • Excellent reflective & dissimilar welding quality
  • Reliable & repeatable results

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IPG Multi-Mode AMB Fiber Lasers


Offering the highest output powers, multi-mode AMB fiber lasers enable the creation of high-strength structural welds, even in aluminum, and improve edge quality in cutting applications.


  • Stronger structural welds & higher edge quality
  • Weld aluminum with no need for process gases
  • High-speed results for thick materials

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IPG QCW AMB Fiber Lasers

Quasi-Continuous Wave

Utilizing bursts of extremely high peak power, quasi-CW AMB fiber lasers offer excellent results in a variety of precision and reflective metal welding applications while allowing for air-cooled operation.


  • Cost-effective high peak power
  • Excellent for electrical connections & reflective metals
  • Easy to integrate air-cooled design

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Single-Mode Adjustable Mode Beam Lasers EV Solutions

Single-Mode AMB Lasers: The Definitive E-Mobility Welding Solution

Relied upon by E-Mobility and battery manufacturers around the world, single-mode AMB lasers are critically important for precision battery and power control unit welding applications.

AMB lasers have achieved record single-mode core power up to 3 kW. These high-power lasers offer extremely high power densities that enable spatter-free battery welding speeds up to 2X faster than alternative dual-beam welding technologies.

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