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IPG Photonics boasts the highest efficiency fiber lasers in the market.

High-Efficiency Lasers

The Highest Efficiency Lasers in the World, Only from IPG

IPG ECO fiber lasers contribute to considerable energy use reduction.

Energy Use

IPG ECO fiber lasers are >50% energy efficient, requiring less than half the electricity of alternative lasers.

IPG high-efficiency lasers contribute to CO2 reduction.

The Planet

IPG high-efficiency lasers enable manufacturers to reduce CO2 and meet sustainability regulations.

IPG high-efficiency lasers increase ROI through longer lasting power and less energy consumption.


IPG ECO fiber lasers pay for themselves with more reliable lasting power and less energy consumed.
IPG high-efficiency lasers are up to 50% more efficient that competing fiber lasers.

Up to 2X More Energy Efficient 

Competing fiber lasers typically operate at energy efficiency levels ranging from 25% to 35%. These efficiencies offer an improvement over legacy lasers but cannot compete with IPG laser technology.
Standard IPG lasers typically start at impressive energy efficiencies up to 40% or higher, representing a dramatic reduction in power consumption for applications with higher duty cycles.
IPG ECO series high-efficiency lasers are purpose-built to take an already efficient design a step further, achieving energy efficiencies that exceed 50%. This unmatched efficiency makes ECO series lasers the clear leader in laser energy conservation.
IPG scientists and engineers work tirelessly to perfect the lasers' high-efficiency design.

Purpose-Built for Efficiency

From diodes to power supplies, full control over the design and manufacturing of the components that power IPG lasers has enabled our laser scientists to iterate and perfect a proprietary, high-efficiency design.

Rigorous quality control means that only the most efficient diodes make it into each laser and a unique single-emitter architecture ensures laser operation at the ideal current to maximize electrical efficiency.

IPG high-efficiency lasers contribute to carbon neutrality with environmentally-friendly solutions.

The Future of Sustainable Laser Processing

Over 120 countries, including the U.S., have set a target date of 2050 for reaching carbon neutrality. Stricter government regulations to decrease carbon emissions, as well as rising energy costs, are pushing manufacturers to replace outdated or inefficient equipment.

Since the invention of high-power fiber lasers by IPG in 1990, fiber lasers have only continued to rise in energy efficiency, with IPG technology leading the way. Manufacturers continue to choose IPG fiber lasers to maximize their productivity, minimize their bottom line, and replace alternative technologies with truly environmentally-friendly solutions.

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