The Most Innovative Ultrafast Lasers

The Most Innovative Ultrafast Lasers

Ultra-Compact Head

High Peak Power

Exceptional Performance

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    Battery Foil & Separator Cutting

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    Glass Cutting and Marking

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    High-Precision Micromachining

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    Medical Fine Tube & Stent Cutting

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    Cutting, Drilling, and Marking of Silicon, Fused Silica, and Sapphire


Which Applications Benefit from Ultrafast Lasers?


Ultrafast lasers are used in a wide variety of microprocessing applications including cutting, drilling, texturing, and marking.
Picosecond and femtosecond laser pulses provide the precision required for excellent quality fine features in metals as well as polymers and other non-metals.
Ultrafast laser solutions enable the creation of many products and features that would otherwise be impossible or impractical.

The Power of Ultrashort Pulses

Laser welding showing low heat affected zone

When ultrafast laser pulses interact with the target material the result is non-thermal absorption of energy. This is possible because ultrafast pulse durations are shorter than the characteristic time of vibrational relaxation in the material, allowing energy to be deposited faster than it is dissipated.

This "cold process" removes or alters material with virtually no heat transfer to the surrounding area, dramatically reducing melted and recast material as well as micro-cracks. The resulting surface quality is higher than what is possible with nanosecond lasers due to a significant reduction in heat-affected zone, debris, and surface damage.

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