Corporate Governance

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Governance Highlights

Independent Leadership
& Oversight


Governed by a 10-member board of directors, 8 of whom are independent directors under Nasdaq guidelines

Separate roles of Chairman and CEO; Non-executive Board Chair

Board approved oversight framework for ESG risks in 2022

Continued Focus on
Board Refreshment


Continued refreshment of the Board with a focus on diversity

A majority of the Board has a tenure of 5 or fewer years

The Board policy requires external director candidate pool to include diversity of gender and race/ethnicity

Structured to Empower
Shareholder Rights


Annually elected directors

Director majority voting policy

Single class of voting stock

No supermajority voting provisions


Governance Oversight

Governance Oversight

Critical ESG matters could impact our company, including environmental and human capital risks such as diversity, equity and inclusion, and employee health and safety. Early in 2022, our Board of Directors reviewed an enterprise-level ESG risk assessment to identify and understand specific material risks within the ESG realm (based on the previously performed materiality assessment) that could have a material impact on the company.

Ethical Operations

Ethical Operations

IPG values solid corporate governance with a focus on protecting the safety and fundamental human rights of all our employees across the globe. IPG ensures that new employees are trained and educated about our values and policies and that they review the policies periodically. Employees’ questions on any such policy may be addressed to the proper officers and Human Resources.

IPG provides the channels to report any violations under the policies and encourages all employees, suppliers, and customers to use them as needed and not to be silently complacent.

Innovations with Integrity

Innovations with Integrity

Hazardous Materials: IPG carefully manages all materials and chemicals that are used during production in order to protect the environment and ensure the health and safety of our workers.

Conflict Materials: IPG is committed to the responsible sourcing of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold used in our products and IPG conducts annual due diligence of its suppliers to determine the sourcing of conflict minerals in its productsand confirms there is no evidence that the conflict minerals in IPG’s product funded conflict.

Compliance & Risk Management: At IPG, risk management is a priority for our Board of Directors and senior management. Effectively monitoring and managing risk are essential to the successful execution of IPG’s business strategy. 

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