Laser exposure under controlled conditions allows

engineering of a material surface to increase

or decrease its roughness, to perform localized

or large-area surface heating and controlled

activation of dopants.


Specific applications include doping of

silicon and silicon carbide, annealing

of silicon, and formation of

Ohmic contacts.

Lasers provide a means of heating with two powerful attributes:

• The amount of applied energy can be very precisely controlled, and is usually confined close to the material surface
• The point of application of that heat can be defined down to a few microns

IPG provides production solutions spanning a range of laser wavelengths, energies and beam delivery systems. We work with customers to experimentally determine optimum process conditions for the application, then engineer solutions that deliver uniform repeatable automated performance.

System:    Selective Laser Annealing

Laser: QCW UV Fiber Laser

  laser annealing exposure chart
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