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On-Location Customer Training

When your system has been built, you will be invited to the factory to perform Factory Acceptance Tests, verifying that the equipment meets specification. Once FAT is complete, factory engineers will provide operation and set-up training on the equipment. Maintenance training can also be provided at this time if required.

Once the system has been delivered and installed in your facility, IPG engineers will be on site to perform alignment and tests to verify that the machine is performing to specification, then perform the formal Site Acceptance Tests. Following completion of these tests, the engineers will provide operator and setup training for any customer staff that were not able to attend the previous factory training, and will also provide training on routine maintenance specific to your laser system.

All training by IPG will be appropriate to the type of system and the application for which it is purchased, and assumes that operation and set-up personnel being trained have experience or expertise with PC and/or PLC control software including CAD. Maintenance personnel are assumed to be mechanically and electrically inclined.

Regardless of the levels of expertise, all IPG training places a heavy focus on all aspects of laser, electrical, and mechanical safety, ensuring that IPG laser systems users enjoy the highest levels of personal safety and productivity.

Hands-on Laser System Training

IPG Photonics delivers customized on-site training designed specifically to advance your material processing skills and improve your shop’s overall productivity. Our expert laser engineers provide training at your facilities, or your team can visit one of our state of the art application centers to receive instruction right in our laser labs.

We understand that each customer has a unique set of applications to solve and our trainers will customize their courses around your specific jobs and laser systems.


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Laser Systems Customer Training

IPG wants you to get the very best out of your system, starting from before it is installed right through the very extended life of your tool.

Training starts in an informal way the day you engage with IPG on running samples in one of the applications laboratories. IPG specialists will perform a variety of tests with different laser types and processes and make the selections that give you the best and most cost-effective performance on your parts. At each stage they will review with you the reasoning behind the selection, and explain the underlying technology so you can question and better understand the solution that is being proposed.



Expert Trainers

IPG Photonics trainers are all highly experienced hands-on engineers with the knowledge and skills to teach the specific techniques to successfully run and operate customer’s laser systems.

At Machine Training

Mastering your machinery is critical in driving quality and productivity. Our trainers understand this, that is why IPG offers personalized training at the IPG laser system that the customer owns.

Application Specific

With over a billion parts a day made better with IPG lasers, we have seen our fair share of applications. But we know that each application has its own unique requirements, that is why IPG offers training solving customer specific applications.

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IPG is committed to the success of each and every laser system customer. The path to success starts with an effective FAT and personalized training sessions designed specifically for a customer’s unique needs. Contact IPG training to learn more.