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IPG Photonics Develops Sustainable, Cost-Effective Laser Heater for Silicon Wafers

IPG Photonics has developed a new laser technology designed to improve the silicon wafer heating process for semiconductor manufacturers. Laser heating, which has demonstrated significant benefits for a variety of processes across numerous industries, targets material with either focused or projected laser beams to uniformly heat comparatively large areas.

The silicon wafer heating solution, based on the market-leading IPG DLS-ECO laser heating platform, dramatically reduces the energy consumption and maintenance costs of heating silicon wafers while also improving productivity. The 970 nm laser light is efficiently and directly absorbed by the silicon wafer, ensuring minimal energy is lost to the surrounding heating chamber. Simulations and experimental data demonstrate that less than 20 kW of optical energy is required to heat a 300 mm silicon wafer to 800° C in under 10 seconds while even less power (<15 kW) is needed to maintain the temperature.

DLS-ECO laser heating sources operate at 55% electrical-to-optical conversion efficiency, minimizing energy consumption. The optical energy is delivered via optical fiber, enabling the laser source to operate outside of the cleanroom environment where utilities such as cooling water are easily provided. The silicon wafer heating solution is anticipated to offer maintenance-free operation for at least seven years of uninterrupted operation.

To learn more about how diode lasers are the ideal solution for wafer heating, click here to read the full article from Silicon Semiconductor magazine.

About IPG Photonics
IPG Photonics Corporation is the leader in high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers used primarily in materials processing and other diverse applications. The company’s mission is to make its fiber laser technology the tool of choice in mass production. IPG accomplishes this mission by delivering superior performance, reliability, and usability at a lower total cost of ownership compared with other types of lasers and non-laser tools, allowing end users to increase productivity and decrease costs. IPG is headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts and has more than 30 facilities worldwide.


Laser-heated silicon waferVisible light image of 200 mm silicon wafer heated to 800°C by laser.