Multichannel Quasi-CW Lasers

MCQL lasers feature from 2 to 6 individually programmable flexible fiber delivered optical outputs. These QCW fiber lasers provide peak powers up to 6 kW, pulse energies up to 60 J and average powers up to 500 W per channel. Processing a variety of metals - steel, CuNiSi alloys, aluminum and copper and dissimilar metals - MCQL lasers are an ideal replacement for lamp-pumped lasers in pulsed welding applications such as welding stamped parts and electrical connectors. With high beam quality, small spot sizes and low heat input resulting in better welding quality, MCQL lasers are order of magnitude more productive, electrically efficient, virtually maintenance-free, and have much smaller footprint than legacy lasers.



From 2 to 6 Optical Output Channels  Average Output Power per Channel up to 500 W
Individually Programmable Optical Outputs Peak Output Power per Channel up to 6 kW 
Flexible Fiber Delivery Maximum Pulse Energy per Channel 60 J
No Beam Switches or Mirror Adjustments Maximum Pulse Repetition Rate 10 kHz
Adjustable Focal Spot Size Maintenance-free
Small Footprint Electrically Efficient
Number of Optical Outputs 2, 3, 4, 6
Wavelength, nm 1070
Mode of Operation Pulsed
Pulse Repetition Rate, Hz up to 10 000
Pulse Duration*, ms 0.05-50
Max. Peak Power per Channel, W 4500 6000
Max. Average Power per Channel, W 450 500
Max. Pulse Energy per Channel, J 45 60
Power Stability over 4 hrs, % <±3, ±1 typ.
Plug & Play Process Fiber Diameter, µm 200, 300, 400, 600

* Maximum pulse duration limit is inversely proportional to peak power

  MCQL-450/4500/x MCQL-500/6000/x
Cabinet Dimensions (W × D × H)*, mm 630 × 815 × 1150
Weight, kg

2-channel                      230

3-channel                      265

4-channel                      300

6-channel                      370

Cooling Water-cooled
Supply Voltage, VAC 400-480, 50/60 Hz

* Nominal cabinet dimension not accounting for external parts 

MCQL – Multi-channel Quasi-CW Laser


High Speed Spot Welding
Welding Stamped Parts and Electrical Connectors
Welding Steel, CuNiSi Alloys, Aluminum, Copper and Dissimilar Metals
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