DLM-QCW Series

Quasi-CW Diode Lasers

IPG Photonics offers the DLM-QCW Series, a high power quasi-continuous wave (QCW) diode laser with a central wavelength of 895 nm and output peak power up to 6 kW. These OEM modules are designed for easy integration into laser medical systems for various applications such as hair removal, pigment and vascular lesion treatment. The DLM-QCW Series diode lasers deliver energy through a flexible 600 μm core diameter fiber for seamless integration into a hand-held applicator. Rack-mounted units with end-user friendly control interface and integrated AC power supply are also available for R&D applications.



Mode of Operation - Pulsed

Core Fiber Diameter 600 μm

Output Peak Power up to 6 kW Air-cooling

Central Wavelength 895 nm

  DLM-300/3000-QCW DLM-600/6000-QCW
Wavelength, nm 895
Mode of Operation Pulsed
Repetition Rate, Hz up to 10
Max. Peak Power, W 3000 6000
Max. Average Power, W 200 300
Power Stability, % ±5
Fiber Delivery Core Diameter, mm/NA 0.6/ 0.22
  DLM-300/3000-QCW DLM-600/6000-QCW
Dimensions, mm 336 × 435 × 148 411 × 509 × 85
Weight, kg <25 <35
Cooling Air-cooled
Supply Voltage, VDC 48
DLM-QCW Series Datasheet


Laser Dermatology Hair Removal
Vascular Lesion
Pigmented Lesion
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