YLPP 100 WYLPP 200 W

YLPF/YLPP 0.6-5 ps,100-200 W

High Pulse Energy Hybrid Fiber Lasers

YLPF and YLPP hybrid-fiber picosecond laser provide high peak power up to 200 MW with scalable average output power up to 200 W and customer selected pulse durations in the range of 750 fs to 5 ps at full operational repetition rate range of 50-2000 kHz. Our fiber design is “beyond state-of-the-art” , enabling an incredibly compact laser that is inherently more power efficient, reliable and robust than conventional bulk-rod or disk based DPSS lasers, yet priced significantly lower than the legacy products. The novel design architecture and flexible control electronics provide conveniently short warm-up times and allows adjustment of both pulse energy and repetition rate without affecting the output beam parameters.



Ultra-compact Head Average Power up to 200 W, up to 200 MW Peak
Broad Frequency of Operation 50 kHz – 2 MHz Integrated Delivery Fiber to Remote Head
Pulse Duration Options 0.75-5 ps Integrated Scanner Option Available
Pulse Energy up to 200 μJ Cold and Warm Start in Seconds






Wavelength, nm 1030
Mode of Operation Pulsed
Maximum Average Power*, W 100 100 200
Pulse Energy*, μJ 100 100 200
Pulse Duration Options*, ps 600-900 fs 1-5 ps
Peak Power, MW up to 150 up to 100 up to 200
Repetition Rate, kHz 50-2000
Beam Quality, M2 <1.5 (1.3 Typ.)

*Customer can select models with specified power, pulse energy and pulse durations in 750 fs to 5 ps range. Shorter pulse durations and pulse energies are available upon request.

  YLPF-100-750-100-R YLPP-100-1-100-R YLPP-200-1-200-R
Control Unit Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 448 × 580 × 132
Optical Head Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 80 × 245 × 61 110 × 330 × 160
Cooling Water
Supply Voltage, VAC Single-phase 50-60 Hz, 100-240
Power Consumption, W <750 <1000

YLPP 100 W YLPP 200 W

YLPF-100-750-100 DatasheetYLPP-100-1-100 DatasheetYLPP-200-1-200 Datasheet


Precision Micromachining Sapphire LED Wafer Scribing
Surface Microstructuring and Texturing Thin Film Ablation for Solar/PV/Flat Panel Display
Multilayer Polymer Film Cutting Cutting & Drilling Glass/Sapphire
Battery and Thin Metal Foil Cutting Micromachining of Ceramics

Laser pulses with durations of just a few picoseconds create peak intensities so high that non-linear/multiphoton absorption takes place, resulting in an ultra-precise “cold” process with very small heat affect.

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