100 W200 W

YLPF/YLPP 0.6-5 ps, 50-200 W

High Pulse Energy Hybrid Fiber Lasers

YLPF and YLPP hybrid-fiber ultrafast lasers provide high peak power with scalable average output power up to 200 W and customer selected pulse durations in the range from 600 fs to 5 ps at full operational repetition rate range of 50-5500 kHz. Our fiber design is “beyond state-of-the-art” , enabling an incredibly compact laser that is inherently more power efficient, reliable and robust than conventional bulk-rod or disk based DPSS lasers, yet priced significantly lower than the legacy products. The novel design architecture and flexible control electronics provide conveniently short warm-up times and allows adjustment of both pulse energy and repetition rate without affecting the output beam parameters.



Ultra-compact Head Average Power up to 200 W
Broad Frequency of Operation 50 kHz to 5.5 MHz Up to 4 m Delivery Fiber to Remote Head
Pulse Duration Options 0.6-5 ps Integrated Scanner Option Available
Pulse Energy up to 200 μJ Cold and Warm Start in Seconds
Burst Mode Option Integrated AOM Pulse Picker


Customer can select models with specified power, pulse energy and pulse durations in 600 fs to 5 ps range. Shorter pulse durations, shorter pulse energies and custom pulse repetition rates are available upon request.







Wavelength, nm 1030
Mode of Operation Pulsed
Maximum Average Power, W 50 100 50 100 200
Pulse Energy, μJ 200 100 200 100 200
Pulse Duration Options, ps 600-900 fs 1-5 ps
Repetition Rate, kHz 50-5500
Beam Quality, M2 <1.4 (1.2 Typ.)

  YLPF-200-750-50-R YLPF-100-750-100-R YLPP-200-1-50-R YLPP-100-1-100-R YLPP-200-1-200-R

Control Unit Dimensions

(W × D × H), mm

448 × 580 × 132

Optical Head Dimensions

(W × D × H), mm

82 × 271 × 124 100 × 337 × 160
Optical Head Weight, kg 4 6
Cooling Water
Supply Voltage, VAC Single-phase 50-60 Hz, 100-240
Power Consumption, W <1000

100 W 200 W

YLPP Series DatasheetYLPF 250-500 fs 50 W DatasheetYLPP-200-1-200-R Datasheet


Precision Micromachining Sapphire LED Wafer Scribing
Surface Microstructuring and Texturing Thin Film Ablation for Solar/PV/Flat Panel Display
Multilayer Polymer Film Cutting Cutting & Drilling Glass/Sapphire
Battery and Thin Metal Foil Cutting Micromachining of Ceramics

Laser pulses with durations of just a few picoseconds create peak intensities so high that non-linear/multiphoton absorption takes place, resulting in an ultra-precise “cold” process with very small heat affect.

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