YLPF-FlexO 40 fs, >50 nJ

Femtosecond Laser with Programmable Pulse Shaper

IPG Photonics’ YLPF-FlexO femtosecond laser offers unprecedented flexibility in choosing parameters optimal for the application. The YLPF-FlexO laser provides pulses as short as sub-40 fs with >50 nJ per pulse at 11 MHz repetition rate. The laser system incorporates IPG’s proprietary pulse shaping technology that enables users to choose a desired temporal pulse shape, from the shortest near-transform-limited pulse to a variety of programmable shapes. Shaped time-domain profiles and multi-pulse waveforms within +/- 3 ps time window can be created via spectral phase and amplitude shaping. 



Pulse Duration from sub-40 fs to 4 ps 
Peak Power > 1 MW
Programmable Pulse Shape : Transform-limited or Shaped Pulses on Demand
Push-button Dispersion Compensation


Central Wavelength*, nm 1055±15
Spectral Width*, nm >80, typ. 95
Average Power, mW >550
Pulse Energy, nJ >50
Repetition Rate, MHz 11± 0.5
Temporal Pulse Shape Programmable
Programmable Device 2D LCOS Spatial Light Modulator
Pulse Control Variables** Phase and amplitude*
Transform Limited Pulse Duration (FWHM), fs <50, typ. sub-40
Programmable Time Range***, ps >6
Polarization Linear, 100:1
Beam Quality
Beam Diameter****, mm 3±0.3

* The central wavelength and width are determined at -10dB level.
** Use diffractive shaping to enable phase-only, amplitude-only, and phase-and-amplitude control.
*** FWHM of the second-harmonic generation (SHG) intensity profile as a function of shaper-assisted time delay.
**** Beam diameter at the laser output, measured by the knife-edge method, 84% level. 

Console Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 448 × 580 × 132
Optical Head Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 178 × 359 × 118
Console Weight, kg 26
Optical Head Weight, kg <7
Total Weight, kg <33
Supply Voltage, VAC single phase, 110-240, 50-60 Hz
YLPF-FlexO Datasheet


Bio-imaging & Nonlinear Microscopy
Multiphoton Polymerization & 3D Printing
Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Terahertz Generation
Coherent Control
YLPF-Flex-O spectrum

Figure 1: Typical output spectrum of YLPF-FlexO laser. In the time domain,  the spectrum supports pulses as short as 36.2 fs FWHM (Fourier-transform limit).

YLPF-Flex-O Autocorrelation

Figure 2: Autocorrelation trace measured after MIIPS-enabled dispersion compensation. The experimental FWHM of 38.1 fs is only 5% higher than the transform-limited (TL) pulse duration. The conversion factor of 1.34 follows from the shape of the laser spectrum.

YLPF-FlexO autocorrelation profiles for compressed and pre-chirped pulses

Figure 3: Measured autocorrelation profiles for compressed and pre-chirped pulses. The second-order dispersion, known also as linear chirp, is applied by the built-in programmable pulse shaper. The logarithmic vertical scale is used to highlight both peak power and pulse duration trends.  The ACF FWHM scales from 51 fs to 2,100 fs.

YLPF-FlexO selective two-photon excitation via phase-only shaping

Figure 4: Selective two-photon excitation via phase-only shaping. The third-order dispersion of 300,000 fs3 is programmed at various wavelengths, λ0, across the laser spectrum to diminish the two-photon transitions other than to λ0/2.

YLPF-FlexO Optical Head

YLPF-FlexO Optical Head Drawing

YLPF-FlexO Rack Unit

YLPF-FlexO console dimensions

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