YLPF-FlexO 50 fs, up to 1 W

Femtosecond Fiber Laser with Pulse Shaper

IPG Photonics’ YLPF-FlexO femtosecond lasers offer the user unprecedented flexibility in choosing parameters optimal for the application. The YLPF-FlexO laser provides ultrashort sub-50 fs, >40 nJ pulses at 11 MHz repetition rate. The laser system incorporates IPG’s proprietary pulse shaping technology that provides the ability to choose a desired temporal pulse shape, from the shortest near-transform-limited pulse to a variety of programmable shapes. Shaped time-domain profiles and multi-pulse waveforms within +/- 3 ps time window can be created by the user via spectral phase and amplitude shaping. 



Pulse Duration from 40 fs Repetition Rate 11 MHz
Output Power up to 1.1 W Environmentally Sealed
Programmable Pulse Shape : Transform-limited or Shaped Pulses on Demand
Rugged Industrial Design, High Reliability, Long Lifetime


Negative chirp up to 15,000 fs² can be added to the output pulse, equivalent to pulse broadening up to 1 ps. The linear chirp and higher-order dispersion corrections can be used for pre-compensation of pulse distortions by optical components in customer’s pulse delivery line. The pulse shaping technology can be incorporated in a closed-loop setup responding in real time, on the sub-second time scale, to input from external diagnostics.


Optional extensions such as harmonic generators, higher output pulse energies and powers as well as variable repetition rate, from a single pulse to 11 MHz and its multiples, are planned.





Mode of Operation Pulsed
Central Wavelength, nm 1030±10
Repetition Rate, MHz 11
Temporal Pulse Shape Programmable*
Programmable Device 2D LCOS Spatial Light Modulator, 1272×1024
Pulse Control Variables Phase and Intensity*
Pulse Shaping Mode Diffractive
Programmable Time Range**, ps >6 >5
Minimum Pulse Duration***, fs <60, typ.50 <50, typ. 40
Pulse Energy***, nJ >40 >100
Average Power***, mW >440 >1100
Polarization Linear, 100:1
Beam Mode Quality***
Beam Diameter, mm 2.8
Warm-up Time, min up to 10

* Programmable spectral phase and transmission are encoded on every laser pulse, without synchronization with the laser source. This frequency-domain pulse shaping translates into corresponding changes of the time-domain profile.

** FWHM of the second-harmonic generation intensity profile as a function of shaper-assisted time delay.

*** With dispersion compensation mask applied (shortest pulse duration); no transmission mask.

Console Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 448 × 580 × 132
Optical Head Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 178 × 359 × 115
Console Weight, kg 26
Optical Head Weight, kg <7
Total Weight, kg <33
Supply Voltage, VAC single phase, 110-240, 50-60 Hz
YLPF-FlexO Datasheet


Scientific and Advanced Applications Analytical Chemistry
Bio-imaging and Multiphoton Microscopy Terahertz Generation
3D Micro Printing Pumping OPOs
Seeding Amplifiers

The ability to select the optimal pulse shape and sequence combined with IPG’s highly reliable fiber architecture makes these femtosecond lasers the perfect master oscillator source for a wide range of scientific, biomedical, and advanced applications such as multiphoton microscopy, two-photon polymerization, laser-assisted crystallization or nucleation, photoporation and transfection in live cells, terahertz imaging, seeding amplifiers and pumping OPOs, and many others.

YLPF-FlexO Optical Head

YLPF-FlexO Optical Head Drawing

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