TLPN1-1-20-M still

TLPN 1 ns, 20 W

Thulium Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser

TLPN-1-1-20-M thulium fiber laser provides nanosecond pulses with central wavelength in the 1900-2050 nm range and output powers up to 20 W. Based on IPG’s pioneering efficient and reliable fiber laser technology, the TLPN nanosecond pulsed laser features a super-compact lightweight optical head connected with a fiber cable to a small air-cooled control module. The all fiber construction allows for full range of output power without changes in power stability and beam mode parameters. IPG's TLPN pulsed laser addresses a variety of materials processing, scientific and medical applications.



Selectable Wavelength Excellent Beam Quality
Output Power up to 20 W Optional Guide Laser
Pulse Energy 1 mJ  Telecom Reliability
Repetition Rate 20-50 kHz Compact and Low Cost
Pulse Width 1 ns Industrial Performance
Central Wavelength Range*, nm 1900 - 2050
Mode of Operation Pulsed
Average Power, W 20
Power Tunability, % 10 - 100
Pulse Energy, μJ 200
Pulse Duration**, ns 1
Peak Power, MW up to 1
Repetition Rate, kHz 20 - 50
Beam Quality, M2 1.1

* Custom central wavelengths are available upon request.

** Models with other pulse durations are planned. Please contact your IPG Photonics Representative. 

Control Unit Dimensions, mm 215 × 286 × 95
Optical Head Dimensions (Length × Ø), mm 247 × 46
Cooling Air
Supply Voltage, VDC 24
Power Consumption, W 300
TLPN-1-1-20-M Datasheet


Plastics Marking Spectroscopy
Plastics Cutting & Welding Optical Pumping
Medical Therapy & Surgery

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