ELPN 1-100 ns, 10-50 W

ELPN-1550 1-100 ns, 10-50 W

Erbium Nanosecond Pulsed Laser

The ELPN Series provide a broad range of pulse widths and repetition rates, peak power and energy per pulse as well as linear or random polarization. The all fiber construction allows for full range of output power without changes in power stability and beam mode parameters. First manufactured in 1994 for airborne applications, the ELPN Series lasers have since been deployed in a vast variety of telecom test, R&D, and medical applications. Now with higher powers, more options and even better efficiency and reliability, the ELPN Series remains the best solution for a zero-maintenance manufacturing or a laboratory light-source. Custom package and delivery cable options are available.



Pulse Energy up to 0.5 mJ Repetition Rate 10 kHz to 100`s MHz
Output Power up to 50 W High Wall-plug Efficiency
Pulse Duration 1 to 100 ns Compact, Rugged Air-cooled Package

The ELPN Series are an “eye safe”* version of our YLPN Series maintenance-free pulsed fiber lasers designed for OEM applications. These lasers provide an end user with a broad range of pulse widths and repetition rates, peak power and energy per pulse as well as linear or random operation. Custom package and delivery cable options are available.

“Eye-Safe” operation generally means that eye damage threshold is significantly higher than for 1064 nm lasers. Nevertheless, IPG Photonics recommends that appropriate eyewear be worn and laser safety procedures be followed.

Wavelength, mm  1.55
Output Power, W up to 50
Pulse Energy, mJ up to 0.5

Pulse Duration, ns

1 to 100`s
Repetition Rate  10 kHz to 100`s MHz



Marking Precision Drilling
Trimming Medical Applications
Airborne Applications
Remote Sensing LIDAR
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