YLPN-100-25x100-2000-SYLPN 2-5 kW

YLPN-HP 25×100 ns,1-2 kW

High Power Adjustable Pulse Duration Fiber Laser

YLPN-HP Nano Pulse Fiber Laser offers variable pulse durations in 25-100 nanosecond range. The laser power can be adjusted in a wide range of pulse repetition rates independent of the pulse energy. Average output powers vary from 100 W to 2 kW and the repetition rates vary from 2 to 50 kHz. Housed in rugged sealed cabinets, these compact efficient maintenance-free systems are designed to operate in harsh industrial manufacturing environments. Powerful YLPN-HP lasers are optimized for high throughput surface treatment applications such as paint stripping, coating removal, surface cleaning and texturing.



Average Power up to 2000 W Repetition Rate up to 50 kHz
Adjustable Pulse Duration Rugged Design
Round or Square Fiber Core
  YLPN-100-25×100-1000-S YLPN-100-25×100-2000-S
Wavelength, nm


Mode of Operation Pulsed
Max. Average Power*, W 1000 2000
Power Tunability, % 10-100
Preset Pulse Duration Modes, ns 25, 50, 70, 100
Max. Pulse Energy, mJ 100
Pulse Repetition Rate, kHz 2-50
Process Fiber Core Options round or square
Process Fiber Core Diameter, μm 600
Beam Parameter Product, mm × mrad
30 for round core, 45 for square core

*Higher average power up to 5 kW is avalable upon request at a fixed 120 ns pulse duration. 


Control Unit Dimensions, mm 780×806×558
Weight, kg 160
Output Connector Type HLC-8, QBH compatible 
Control Unit Cooling Water
Chiller Cooling Capacity, kW <3  @ 1 kW
Supply Voltage, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz, VAC 400-480
Wall Plug Efficiency % >25
YLPN-100-25x100-2000-S Datasheet


Paint Stripping Surface Treatment 
Coating Removal  Texturing 
Surface Cleaning Ablation
Laser Surface Cleaning Free of Abrasives, Solvents & Chemicals
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