YLPN Mega Pulse

YLPN 50 mJ, 2-5 kW

Mega Pulse Nanosecond Fiber Laser

IPG Photonics’ Mega Pulse YLPN-50-120-5000-S high power pulsed fiber laser provides an average output power of 5000 W at the work piece, a pulse energy up to 50 mJ and a pulse duration of 120 ns. With a wall-plug efficiency of over 30%, a variety of fiber delivery options, a small form factor and maintenance-free operation, IPG's 1 micron ytterbium high power pulsed laser can be used to maximize throughput in micromachining applications. It is also ideally suited to surface preparation and treatment, laser ablation and laser surface cleaning - a process that can be carried out without abrasives, solvents and chemicals.



Wavelength 1060 nm Average Power up to 5000 W
Pulse Energy up to 50 mJ Repetition Rate up to 100 kHz
Pulse Duration 120 ns Rugged Industrial Design
Wavelength, nm 1060
Mode of Operation Pulsed
Average Power, W up to 5000
Pulse Energy, mJ up to 50
Pulse Duration, ns 120
Repetition Rate, kHz up to 100
Power Stability, % ±2
Beam Parameter Product, mm x mrad

21 @ 300 μm feeding fiber

35 @ 500 μm feeding fiber

Cabinet Dimensions, mm 1004 × 804 × 556 
Weight, kg 220
Cooling IPG's Air-to-water Chiller
Supply Voltage, VAC 400-480 3-phase, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption, kW 13
YLPN-50-120-5000-S Datasheet


Surface Preparation Marking
Micromachining Scribing 
Solar/Photovoltaic Ablation
Laser Surface Cleaning Free of Abrasives, Solvents & Chemicals

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