YLPN 25-100 mJ, 500-1000 W

High Pulse Energy Nanosecond Fiber Lasers

IPG Photonics offers YLPN High Power Series of high power nanosecond pulsed ytterbium fiber lasers with pulse energy up to 100 mJ and pulse duration from 20 to 100 ns. These powerful models are optimized for high throughput surface treatment applications such as paint stripping, coating removal, surface cleaning and texturing. Average output powers are up to 1 kW and the repetition rates vary from 2 to 100 kHz. These highly efficient water-cooled fiber lasers are packaged in compact rugged 6U 19" rack-mounted units.



Pulse Duration 20-100 ns Maintenance-free Operation
Average Power up to 1000 W Water-cooled
Pulse Energy up to 100 mJ Compact Rugged Design
Excellent Pointing Stability High Wall-plug Efficiency
Round or Square Processing Fiber
  up to 50 mJ up to 100 mJ
Wavelength, nm 1064 ±2
Mode of Operation Pulsed
Average Power, W 500 500 or 1000
Pulse Energy, mJ 25-50 70-100
Pulse Duration, ns 20-100 20-100
Repetition Rate Range, kHz 2-100 2-50
Optical Termination Optical Head Processing Fiber
Beam Quality, M2 ~27 N/A
Process Fiber Size, μm NA 400, 600 round or square
  500 W 1000 W
Console Dimensions (W × D × H), mm  449 × 716 × 266
Optical Head Dimensions (W × × H), mm  115 × 393 × 93
Weight, kg  ~ 70 ~95
Cooling  Water
Supply Voltage, VAC  230 3-phase 400-480
Power Consumption, W  2400 4000
YLPN 25-100 mJ 500-1000 W Datasheet


Paint Stripping Surface Treatment 
Coating Removal 
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