YLPN 1-10 mJ

YLPN 1-2 mJ, 100-300 W

High Power Pulsed Lasers for Micromachining

IPG Photonics offers high power YLPN nanosecond pulsed ytterbium fiber lasers with pulse energy up to 10 mJ and pulse duration from 30 ns to 1.5 μs. The excellnt beam mode quality makes these lasers ideal for micromachining applications such as high speed cutting, scribing, drilling and engraving. The high output power maximizes the throughput. The average output powers vary from 100 to 300 W and the repetition rates vary from 2  kHz to 2 MHz. Powerful user friendly software interface and full laser control/monitoring/diagnostics enable operation of multiple lasers in a network. These highly efficient water-cooled fiber lasers are packaged in compact rugged in 4U and 6U 19" rack-mounted units.



Pulse Duration 30 ns-1.5 µs Typical Wall-Plug Efficiency 30%
Average Power 100-300 W Extended Electrical Interfaces
Pulse Energy 1-10 mJ Solid State Safety Electronics
Repetition Rate up to 2 MHz Extended Laser Monitoring and Diagnostics
Optical Power Monitor Solid State Safety - Unlimited Number of Power on Cycles
Water-cooling Industrial Field Bus Interfaces Option
  100 Watt Series 200 Watt Series 300 Watt Series
Wavelength, nm 1064 ±2
Mode of Operation Pulsed
Average Power, W 100 200 300
Pulse Energy, mJ 0.2-5 0.2-10 0.2-1
Pulse Duration, ns 30-1500 30-240
Repetition Rate Range, kHz 20-2000 2-2000 30-2000
  100 Watt Series 200 Watt Series 300 Watt Series
Console Dimensions, mm  449 × 678 × 177
Opt. Head Dimensions, mm Ø × Length, 67 × 317
Weight, kg  ~ 42 
Cooling Water 
Supply Voltage, VAC 90-240 220-240
Power Consumption, W  <450 <800 <1200 
YLPN 1-10 mJ 100-300 W Datasheet


Deep Engraving Foil Cutting
Ablation Cleaning
Surface Treatment
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