VLM Visible Laser Modules, 50 W

Broadband Visible Fiber Lasers

IPG Photonics VLM High Power Series broadband visible fiber lasers provide 50 W average power and flexible choice of operating wavelength in the range of 525 to 642 nm. Based on IPG’s highly efficient and reliable fiber laser technologies, this series of lasers features high beam quality with either free-space or fiber beam delivery. The all fiber laser technology directly enables adjusting the average power over the full range while maintaining high beam quality and high power stability. The VLM lasers are offered as OEM modules. End-user friendly VLR rack mount units, single-mode beam quality and higher output powers can be manufactured upon request.



Wavelength Range 525-642 nm High Wall-plug Efficiency
Output Power 50 W* Compact & Low Cost OEM Modules*
Multi-mode Beam Quality* Industrial Performance
Power Stability 1%

Free Space or Fiber Delivery

Higher output powers, single-mode beam quality and rack-mounted end user friendly configurations can be offered upon request. Please contact IPG Sales representative.

Wavelength*, nm

525 to 642

Linewidth, nm

up to 10

Mode of Operation


Output Power**, W


Pulse Repetition Rate***, MHz


Pulse Duration, ns


Power Tunability, %


Power Stability****, %

± 0.5

Beam Parameter Product**, mm × mrad

<6,  100 μm core fiber

* Customer-selected wavelength in the specified spectral range.
** Higher power levels and single-mode beam quality can be offered upon request. The power may be limited by wavelength selection.
*** Optimal repetition rate depends on the wavelength selection.
**** Over 8 hours, T= const

OEM Module Dimensions*, mm

329 × 529 × 70

Laser Module Cooling

Water cooled

Supply Voltage, VDC 


* Rack-mounted user-friendly VLR lasers can be offered upon request. 

VLM Visible Laser Module Datasheet


Laser Shows Laser Projectors
Medical Scientific

Due to compact dimensions, industrial grade design and low power consumption, IPG’s VLM/VLR High Power lasers are ready for integration into customer’s systems in the field ranging from laser shows and cinema projectors to medical and scientific applications.

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