ULPN-355-M, up to 10 W

Ultraviolet Pulsed Fiber Laser Module

IPG Photonics’ ULPN-M Series ultraviolet nanosecond fiber lasers provide high peak power with scalable average output power up to 10 W, 1.5 ns pulse duration at full operational repetition rate range of 10-1000 kHz. The all fiber format allows for the adjustment of pulse energy and/or pulse repetition rate without affecting any of the output beam parameters. IPG’s novel fiber lasers are much more efficient and compact than conventional lasers now on the market, and are ideal for applications in the solar/photovoltaic arena, resistor trimming and marking of transparent materials. The short wavelength, short pulse duration and high peak power result in very small heat affected zone.



Wavelength 355 nm Output Power up to 10 W
Pulse Energy 10 µJ Repetition Rate up to 1 MHz
Pulse Duration 1.5 ns Single Pulse or 3-pulse Burst Pulse Mode
Peak Power 10 kW Air-cooled
Beam Quality M2 <1.4 Rugged Design
  ULPN-355-3-M ULPN-355-6-M ULPN-355-10-M
Wavelength, nm 355
Mode of Operation Pulsed, single pulse or 3-pulse burst mode
Average Power, W 3 6 10
Pulse Energy, µJ up to 10; up to 20 in burst mode
Pulse Duration, ns 1.5
Peak Power, kW up to 10
Repetition Rate, kHz 10-300 10-1000
Beam Quality, M2 <1.4
Module Dimensions (W × × H), mm 260 × 270 × 87
Optical Head Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 112 × 220 × 67
Cooling Air-cooled
Supply Voltage, VDC 24
Power Consumption, W 70
ULPN-355-M Datasheet


Materials Processing Plastics Marking
Micromachining Surface Texturing
Si Ablation Scribing
Solar/ Photovoltaic
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