ULPN-266, 5 W

Deep UV Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser

ULPN-266 establishes a new deep ultraviolet standard for 266 nm reliable power. Exceptional IPG non-linear crystal robustness enables up to 5 W average power with industry-leading lifetimes. Provides a short 1.5 ns pulse duration maximizing peak power with up to 2 μJ pulse energy suitable for micromachining applications. The fiber-based architecture allows for an easy-to-integrate, compact, lightweight optical head tethered to a remote air-cooled module. The small, flexible form factor is ideal for material processing workstations utilized in the display, electronics, medical device and other industries.



5 Watts of Reliable Power at 266 nm Up to 2 μJ pulses at 1.3 ns
Lightweight Optical Head Robust Compact Package
Maintenance Free Operation


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Wavelength Range, nm 266
Mode of Operation Pulsed
Output Power, W up to 5
Power Tunability, %  10.0 - 100
Pulse Energy, μJ Up to 2
Pulse Duration, ns 1.3
Repetition Rate, kHz 100-2700
Beam Mode Quality, M2 < 1.2
OEM Laser Module Dimensions (W ×× H), mm 270 × 256 × 89
Optical Head Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 142 ×345 × 80

Optical Head – Passive Conductive
Laser Module – Forced Air

Supply Voltage, VAC 24
Power Consumption, W <200
ULPN-266 Datasheet


Cutting & Drilling Texturing & Marking for PCBs, Flex Circuits
Glass, Diamond & Teflon Selective Material Removal for LEDs & Displays
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