FLPM and FLPMT 200 μs, >400 mJ

Fe:ZnSe/S Microsecond Pulsed Laser

FLPM and FLPMT are Fe:ZnSe/S pulsed free-running cryogenically-cooled lasers. Users can select a fixed wavelength within a 3.9 - 5.0 μm range with the FLPM model, or choose a wavelength tunable FLPMT model. The lasers provide 200 μs pulses with pulse energy up to 400 mJ and output power up to 35 W. The repetition rate is from a single pulse up to 100 Hz; the spectral linewidth is < 1 nm. FLPM/FLPMT lasers are pumped by built-in flashlamp-pumped Er:YAG operating at 2940 nm. The FLPM and FLPMT lasers are used in applications such as Mid-IR sensing and active thermal imaging.



Any Wavelength in 3.9 - 5.0 mm Range Pulse Duration 100 - 300 ms
Fixed Frequency or Tunable Output Energy > 400 mJ
Repetition Rate from Single Pulse to 100 Hz Output Power up to 35 W
Mode of Operation Pulsed, free-running
Central Wavelength, μm Customer-selected in 3.9 - 5.0 range  Tunable in 3.9 - 5.0 range
Linewidth, nm <1
Output Power*, W 0.5 - 35, typ. 1
Pulse Energy, mJ 50 - 400, typ. 100
Repetition Rate, Hz Single Pulse to 100
Pulse Duration, ms 100 - 300
Beam Waist Diameter** (FW, 1/e2), mm 3
Beam Divergence, mrad
< 3
Polarization Linear, Horizontal
Warm-up Time***, min < 15 from standby, 60 min from cold start

* Custom output powers are available upon request.
** Beam diameter may be adjusted to meet customer specifications.

Pump Laser
IPG Photonics flashlamp Er:YAG laser operating at 2940 nm
Gain Element Operation Temperature**, K 77 - 220
Pump Laser Dimensions (W x D x H), mm 448 x 403 x 132
Laser Head Dimensions (W x D x H), mm 508 x 242 x 356
Supply Voltage 50 - 60 Hz, VAC 110 - 240
Power Consumption**, W 500 typ. 

* Optimal operation temperature of a gain element depends on wavelength.
** Electrical power consumption depends on the maximum output power of the laser.

FLPM and FLPMT Series Datasheet

                                        FLPMT output energy versus wavelength at 100 Hz repetition rate.



Spectroscopy Medical
Sensing Defense
Seeding or Pumping Mid-IR OPOs


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