CW Fixed or Tunable Module

CL and CLT Series

Narrow-line Cr:ZnSe/S CW Lasers

IPG Photonics offers Cr:ZnSe/S continuous wave Mid-IR hybrid lasers in 1.9 to 3 micron wavelength range. These lasers are offered at either a fixed customer selected wavelength (CL Series) or CW tunable (CLT Series). Standard and rapid tuning options are available. The output power is up to 150 W (fixed) and 100 W (tunable), and typical linewidth is <0.5 nm. These hybrid solid state lasers are pumped by IPG’s efficient and reliable erbium or thulium CW fiber lasers. Cr:ZnSe/S CW fixed and tunable wavelength lasers are used in a range of applications including spectroscopy, Mid-IR OPO pump source, environmental monitoring, medical applications and plastics material processing.



Continuous Wave Operation Narrow Linewidth, <0.5 nm typ.
Record Output Power 150 W TEM00 Output Beam Quality
Mode of Operation CW
Central Wavelength* Customer selected in 1.9-3.0 μm range Tunable in 1.9-3.0 μm range
Spectral Linewidth**, nm 0.1-2.0, typ. <0.5
Output Power***, W 1-10 20-150 0.1-10 10-100
Power Tunability, %  10-100
Wavelength Tuning Options**** N/A Standard or Rapid (Swept) Tuning Mode
Beam Diameter**** (FW, 1/e2), mm 1.5 ± 0.5
Beam Divergence, mrad
0.1-1, typ. 0.5
Polarization Random or Linear Linear, Horizontal >100:1
Beam Quality, M2 <1.2, typ ≤1.1
Warm-up Time, min 5 from standby, 15 from cold start


* Customer can select a fixed center wavelength for CL models or specify a tuning range for tunable wavelength CLT models.
** Standard linewidth of narrow line CL and CLT lasers is 0.1 to 1 nm, typical linewidth is < 0.5 nm. If you have special need regarding the linewidth, please discuss it with your IPG representative. Single-frequency CL-SF and CLT-SF models are also available.
*** Custom output powers are available upon request. Output power may be limited by wavelength selection.
**** All tunable lasers are motor-driven and computer controlled. An external wavelength meter must be used to monitor the output wavelength. Rapidly tunable (swept) models allow scanning the entire tuning range with acquisition rate of up to 1000 spectra per second. These laser models are designed for characterizing broad spectral features such as absorption spectra of polymers.
***** Beam diameter and divergence may be adjusted to meet customer specifications.

Optical Head Style CW Fixed or Tunable Module
Pump Laser*
IPG Photonics ELR or TLR CW fiber laser
Pump Laser Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 448 × 403 × 132
Optical Head Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 165 × 505 × 122
Supply Voltage, 50-60 Hz, VAC 110-240
Power Consumption, W 200 typ.

* Pump laser model depends on the combination of parameters. The pump laser can be randomly or linearly polarized. Randomly polarized pumps are less expensive, while linearly polarized pumps provide a higher absorption efficiency, resulting in slightly lower heat dissipation requirements for the laser head. For demanding scientific applications, single-frequency fiber laser pumps may be preferred for lower RMS power noise.


CL and CLT Series Datasheet


Spectroscopy Environmental Monitoring
Free Space Communications Industrial Process Control
OPO Pump Source Dental Applications
Skin Rejuvenation Materials Processing
Laser Scalpel Medical Applications
Plastics Cutting, Welding, Marking & Drilling


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