ELPN-1645-SF Series

Er:YAG Single Frequency Nanosecond Pulsed Lasers

IPG Photonics' ELPN-SF Erbium:YAG single frequency nanosecond pulsed laser provides 10-40 ns pulses at 1.645 μm with pulse energies up to 3 mJ and output powers up to 10 W. The acousto-optically Q-switched Er:YAG head is pumped by IPG's efficient and reliable erbium fiber laser. The Er:YAG-1645-SF pulsed laser addresses lidar remote sensing, range-finding, non-metal materials processing, scientific and medical applications. Higher average powers, pulse energies and other options are available upon request. Please contact your IPG Representative with your requirements.



Output Power up to 15 W

TEM00 Beam Mode

Pulse Energy 1-3 mJ

Variable Pulse Width 

Repetition Rate 0.01-1kHz

Power Amplification Option

Mode of Operation Acousto-optically Q-switched
Wavelength, nm Tunable over 1645-1646
Linewidth FWHM, GHz <1
Maximum Average Power, W 10
Peak Power. kW 600
Maximum Pulse Energy*, mJ 3
Pulse Duration, ns 5-50
Repetition Rate**, kHz 0.01-10
Polarization Linear, >100:1
Output Beam Mode, M2 ≤1.2
Beam Diameter (FW, 1/e2), mm 1.5
Warm up Time, min 5 from standby, 15 from cold start

* Output energies >3 mJ are available upon request.
** Custom repetition rates are available upon request.

Pump Laser Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 448 × 403 × 132
Optical Head Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 140 × 277 × 97
Pump Laser Cooling Air-cooled
Er:YAG Head Cooling Water-cooled
Supply Voltage 50-60 Hz, VAC 110 - 240
Power Consumption, W 100 - 800
ELPN-1645-SF Datasheet


LIDAR/Remote Sensing

Medical Applications

Plastics Processing

OPO Pump Source

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