RLM-LP, 50-70 W

Linearly Polarized Near IR Raman Fiber Lasers

IPG Photonics offers a family of linearly polarized single-mode CW near infrared Raman fiber lasers with output powers up to 70 W. Customer can select from several wavelengths in the range 1.1-1.25 microns. Based on IPG's efficient and reliable fiber laser technologies, these Raman Fiber lasers are offered as compact OEM modules. The all fiber construction allows for full range of output power adjustment without any change in power stability and beam mode parameters. The linearly polarized Raman fiber lasers feature narrow linewidth of ~0.1 nm. They are used for coherent beam combining, sensing/detection systems and other scientific and commercial applications.



NIR Wavelengths Narrow Linewidth
Output Powers up to 70 W Air Cooled
Single-mode Fiber Output Telecom Reliability
Linear Polarization Compact Rugged Package
RLM-1118-50 RLM-1178-70 RLM-1246-50
Wavelength*, nm 1118.0 1178.0 1246.0
Linewidth FWHM, nm 0.1 0.15
Mode of Operation CW
Maximum Output Power, W 50 70 50
Power Tunability, %  10 - 100
Power Stability, %
Optical Noise, % RMS 5
Residual Pump Power,dB -9    -11 -9
Polarization* Linear, >50 :1
Beam Quality, M2  < 1.1

 * The listed wavelengths are standard options. Custom wavelengths are available, including visible frequency doubled models. Please contact your IPG Representative.

Module Dimensions, mm 325 × 217 × 43.5
Weight, kg  5
Cooling Air
Supply Voltage, VDC 24
Maximum Power Consumption, W  < 300


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