19" 3U AC

YLR-MM, 10-100 W

Ytterbium Multi-mode CW Lasers

YLR-MM Series diode pumped CW Ytterbium fiber lasers provide from 10 to 100 W output power at 1 micron wavelength. These lasers feature multi-mode output with several options of fiber core diameter, allowing optimal choice of beam parameter product for the application. Wide selectivity of operating wavelengths, direct analog power modulation, low amplitude noise, high wall-plug efficiency, high stability and ultra-long pump diode lifetime complete an impressive list of advantages of these fiber lasers. The reliability of these lasers is unmatched by any solid state or gas laser system. YLR-MM series is ideally suited for scientific applications and integration into biomedical instruments.



Selectable Wavelength 1.03 - 1.09 μm Unique Wall-plug Efficiency
Multi-mode Fiber Output Industrial Performance
Random Polarization Telecom Reliability
Air-cooled Compact and Low Cost
YLR-10-MM YLR-20-MM YLR-50-MM YLR-100-MM
Central Wavelength Range*, nm 1030 - 1090
Central Wavelength Accuracy, nm  ±1
Mode of Operation CW/modulated
Modulation Frequency, kHz 0-50
Nominal Output Power**, W 10 20 50 100
Power Tunability, % 10-100
 Power Stability***, % ±2
Optical Noise, % RMS <2
Polarization Random
Output Fiber Core Diameter, mm 50, 100, 200
Beam Parameter Product, mm x rad

<2, <5, <10

* Custom central wavelengths are available upon request in the specified range.

**Maximum output power may be limited by wavelength selection.

Other power levels in this range are available.  Please contact your IPG Representative.

Higher power models up to 1000 W are available.  

*** Over 4 hours, T=const

  YLR-10-MM YLR-20-MM YLR-50-MM YLR-100-MM
Console Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 448 × 403 × 132
Weight, kg <20
Cooling Air
Supply Voltage, VAC single-phase 50-60 Hz, 110-220
Power Consumption, W < 50 < 100 < 150 < 250

YLM-MM OEM modules are available upon request


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