VLM Series, up to 20 W

Visible CW Fiber Lasers

VLM Series is a family of highly-efficient, single-mode, visible CW fiber lasers with output powers up to 20 W. Customers can select a central wavelength in the range 515-635 nm. VLM series lasers are based on IPG's efficient and reliable fiber laser technologies and feature a super-compact lightweight optical head, connected with a fiber cable to a small air-cooled control module. The all fiber construction allows for full range of output power without changes in power stability and beam mode parameters.



Choice of Wavelength 515-635 nm High Reliability
Output Power up to 20 W Industrial Performance
Excellent Beam Quality
Compact and Low Cost


Typical Central Wavelengths*, nm 515, 530, 590, 615, 635
Linewidth FWHM, nm  0.1
Mode of Operation CW
Average Power, W up to 20
Power Tunability, % 10-100
Power Stability**, % ±1
Polarization Linear
Beam Quality, M2 1.1
Output Beam Diameter (1/e2), mm <2

* Custom central wavelengths in 515-635 nm range are available upon request.

** Over 8 hours, T=const

Module Dimensions* (W × D × H), mm 325 × 217 × 43
Optical Head Dimensions, mm 50 × 233 × 46
Cooling Air, Thermo conductive Bottom
Supply Voltage, VDC 24
Power Consumption, W <480

* 19" rack-mounted units with AC power are available upon request.

VLM Series Datasheet


Defense and Security Holography 
Entertainment Spectroscopy
Materials Processing Flow Cytometry
Medical Diagnostics /Therapy
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