YLS-CL, up to 10 kW

Fiber Laser for Cladding, Hardening, Welding and Surface Treatment

IPG's Cladding (CL) Series of fiber lasers specifically targets cladding, welding, hardening and surface treatment applications. The wall plug efficiency over 40% results in the lowest electricity cost of any other industrial laser on the market. The laser is extremely compact (10 kW in <0.7 m3 enclosure) and is housed in a hermetically sealed cabinet with built-in dryer; harsh production environments can be handled by the robust maintenance-free laser. IPG's fiber lasers are built with hot diode redundancy providing better reliability than any other laser on the market. Our lasers offer a wide range in output power capability (4-10 kW), chiller capability, different interface configurations and plug and play fiber delivery with interchangeable process fibers available in either square or round diameters up to 1 mm.



Fiber Delivery 600, 800 or 1000 μm

Maintenance-free Operation

Hot Redundancy Record Reliability
Modulation up to 5 kHz Compact, Rugged Design
Wall-plug Efficiency >40%
Wavelength, nm 1070 ± 5
Mode of Operation CW/ Modulated
Modulation Frequency, kHz 0-5
Max. Average Power, kW 4, 6, 8, 10
Power Tunability, % 10-100
Power Stability, % ±1
Output Fiber Core Diameter, μm 600, 800, 1000

Beam Parameter Product (Feed Fiber), mm × mrad

<25, <35, <45
Cabinet Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 1005 × 815 × 806
Weight, kg 270-420
Supply Voltage, VAC 400-460, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz
Wall-plug Efficiency, % 40
YLS-CL Series Datasheet


Cladding Welding
Hardening Surface Treatment

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