Fiber Lasers for Trifocal Brazing and Welding

To obtain high-quality brazed joints, the base metals must be clean and free of oxides. Contamination can cause poor wetting of brazed parts impeding flow of the filler material, compromising the strength and visual appearance of the joint.

In trifocal laser brazing the main laser spot is accompanied by two smaller ablation spots that are offset laterally and precede the main spot in the brazing direction. The localized heating of ablation spots allows cleaning of the base metal parts improving filler material flow, resulting in reproducible brazed joint with increased strength and better appearance.



Up to 8 kW Total Laser Power*

Replaceable Three-core Process Fiber

Compact, Small Footprint

Compatible with All Types of Processing Heads

High Efficiency ECO-modules

Independent Power Control via Profinet Interface

Integrated Water-water Chiller with Automatic Refilling

Advanced IPG Power Supply with integrated Safety

* Higher powers are available upon request.

Operation Mode CW / Modulated
Main Beam Nominal Output Power, W 4, 5, 7*
Stripping Beam Nominal Output Power, W up to 500

Beam Parameter Product**:

Main Beam (86 %), mm × mrad

Stripping Beams (86 %), mm × mrad




* Higher power is available upon request.

** Fibers with different diameters and core geometry are available upon request.

Cooling Method Integrated Water-water Chiller
Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 856 × 806 × 1517
Weight, without water in chiller tank, kg 700
Power Consumption, kW <12.5
Wall-plug Efficiency, % >40
Wall-plug Efficiency w/o chiller, % >45
YLS-BR Brochure


Brazing of Electrogalvanized Material

Trifocal Brazing and Welding


Trifocal laser brazing can replace traditional non-laser brazing methods while increasing process speed, minimizing heat effects on the assembly and reducing dependence on manual part cleaning.



  • Clean and Join Parts in One Step
  • Reduce Manual Cleaning Labor, Automate the Process
  • Improve Reproducibility
  • Maximize Joint Strength
  • Increase Brazing Speed
  • Improve Joint Appearance: Straight Seam Edges, Smooth Surface, no Spatter
  • Control of Brazing Temperature
  • Minimize Heat Effects on the Assembly
  • Minimize Process Running Costs

hot dip zinc coated steel

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