Adjustable Mode Beam Laser

IPG’s YLS-AMB Adjustable Mode Beam Lasers provide up to 25 kW total output power with automatic tuning of output beam mode parameter. The central core delivers up to 12 kW output power. The independent programmable adjustment of the output beam mode to any combination of a small-spot high intensity bright core to a larger ring-shaped beam allows processing a wider range of material thicknesses and improves piercing and cutting speed and quality, as well as optimizing welding performance without need for external free-space optics such as optical switches, zoom process heads and other peripherals previously required to support this level of flexibility. With industry record output power, the YLS-AMB fiber lasers enable optimal processing of both thick and thin materials by the same laser.



Total Output Power up to 25 kW Easy Process Optimization and Automation
Central Core Power up to 12 kW Cost-effective Solution to the Most Complex Tasks
No Need for External Optics to Adjust BPP Maintenance-free Operation
Wall Plug Efficiency 45% Industry Leading Reliability
Rapid Automatic Switching Between Applications with Different Optimal BPP
Wavelength, nm 1068-1080
Mode of Operation CW/Modulated
Modulation Frequency, kHz 0-5
Total Average Power, kW 15
Central Core Output Power, kW 6
Ring Beam Output Power, kW 9
Power Tunability, % 10-100
Power Stability, % ±1
Central Fiber Core Diameter, μm 50 or 100
Outer Ring Fiber Diameter, μm 300 or 600
Central Beam Parameter Product, mm × mrad 2 or 3.5
Ring Beam Parameter Product, mm × mrad

<17, 22 Typ. @130 × 300 μm Ring
<35, 30 Typ. @130 × 600 μm Ring

* The specifications are given for the specific 15 kW model with maximum 6 kW power in the core and 9 kW in the ring. The maximum total average power for YLS-AMB Series lasers is up to 25 kW, the maximum central core power is up to 9 kW at 50 μm core and up to 12 kW at 100 μm core. Different output power levels, custom core/ring output power combinations and core and ring fiber diameters are available upon request. The length of the delivery fiber may be limited by combination of the central core output power and diameter. Please contact IPG representative with your requirements.

Cabinet Dimensions (W × D × H), mm

Up to 5 kW: 780 × 804 × 556
6-10 kW: 1005 × 804 × 556
12-25 kW: 1005 × 804 × 806

Weight, kg Up to 440
Supply Voltage, VAC 400-480 3-phase, 50/60 Hz
Wall-plug Efficiency, % >45
YLS-AMB Datasheet


Applications Requiring On-the-fly Adjustment of Beam Brightness 2D/3D Thin & Thick Metal Cutting and Welding
Multiple Applications by the Same Laser Variable Thickness Cutting
Applications Requiring Non-uniform Intensity Distribution Improved Pierce Quality
Demanding High-quality Cutting Applications Improved Welding and Brazing Quality
Processing Any Metal: Mild and Stainless Steel, Titanium, Copper, Brass and Aluminum
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