YLS 30 kW

YLS, 1-120+ kW

Ytterbium CW Laser Systems

YLS low-order-mode Ytterbium fiber lasers range up to hundreds of kW output power, operating in CW/modulated modes up to 5 kHz with wall-plug efficiencies >40%. The dynamic range is from 10% to full power with no change in beam divergence or beam profile, allowing a single laser to be used for both high and low-power applications such as welding, drilling and  cutting, a previously unheard of capability. The high brightness allows the use of long focal length processing lenses for vastly improved depth of field and minimal damage to optical components. The units can be supplied with fiber lengths up to 100 meters, different fiber diameters and variety of multi-port beam switches, beam couplers, termination optics and scanners.


High Power CW Ytterbium Fiber Laser Systems

IPG Photonics Corporation is the world leader in high power fiber lasers and amplifiers. Founded in 1990, IPG pioneered the development and commercialization of optical fiber-based lasers for use in a wide range of venues such as materials processing, telecom, medical, scientific and other  advanced applications. Fiber lasers have revolutionized the industry by delivering superior performance, reliability and usability at a lower total cost of ownership compared with conventional lasers, allowing end users to increase productivity and decrease operating costs.

IPG is the only company that controls the performance, cost and yield of both active fibers and semiconductor pump diodes - the core technology of the fiber laser. IPG develops and manufactures process fibers, beam couplers and switches, collimators, chillers and most recently processing heads and fully custom laser systems. This innovation, coupled with extensive manufacturing capabilities, place IPG in the rare position of being in full control of every step needed to achieve this mission: to deliver innovative, reliable, high quality and high performance fiber lasers at a cost-effective price.

The product of this mission is exemplified best through IPG’s most popular laser family, the YLS Series. Ranging in power from 1 kW to 500 kW with wall-plug efficiencies greater than 40%, the dynamic operating range of these devices is available from 10% to full power with no change in beam divergence or beam profile throughout the entire range. This allows a single laser to be utilized for both high and low power applications such as welding, drilling and precision cutting, a previously unheard of capability. IPG lasers’ divergence specifications are far superior than other lasers and allow the use of long focal length processing lenses for vastly improved depth of field, less damage to optical components and are ideal for remote applications.


Fiber lasers deliver their energy through an integrated flexible optical fiber. Fiber lasers have a monolithic, entirely solid state, fiber-to-fiber design that does not require mirrors or optics to align or adjust. These features make fiber lasers easier to integrate and operate in production, medical and other laser-based systems. Fiber lasers are typically smaller and lighter in weight than traditional lasers, saving valuable floor space. While conventional lasers can be delicate due to the precise alignment of mirrors, fiber lasers are more rugged and able to perform in variable working environments. These qualities permit fiber laser systems to be transported easily. IPG is headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts with additional manufacturing plants, sales and service offices throughout the world.

 The YLS series fiber lasers with output powers up 500 kW have been developed as complete systems for industrial applications. They have garnered wide acceptance in the very demanding automotive, aerospace and oil and gas industries. All YLS systems are housed in a NEMA 12, air-conditioned and sealed cabinets adding to the robustness of the unit. These systems are controlled by either digital I/O, analog control or IPG’s own LaserNet software with the additional option to add either DeviceNet, Profibus or Ethernet interfaces. Developed as a complete system, this design features the widest range of fiber diameters, as well as the option to terminate to up to 6 ports from one power source.

The YLS fiber laser is available in up to 10 kW single-mode and 500 kW multi-mode output power. The YLS laser has a direct feeding fiber terminating in either an HLC-8 (QBH-type) or LCA (QD-style) connector in standard lengths of up to 30 meters. Custom connectors and fiber lengths are available.


Any Power up to 120 kW Modular "Plug and Play" Design
Excellent Beam Parameter Product Maintenance-free Operation
Adjustable Mode Beam Option Optional Affixed Chiller
CW or Modulated Compact, Rugged & Easy to Install
QCW Peak Power Option Integrated Coupler or Beam Switch Option
Wall-plug Efficiency >40% Hot Diode Redundancy
  YLS-8000 YLS-10000 YLS-20000 YLS-40000 YLS-60000 YLS-120000
Central Wavelength Range, nm 1070 ± 5
Mode of Operation CW/modulated
Modulation Frequency, kHz 0-5
Maximum Average Power*, kW 8  10 20 40 60 120
Power Tunability, % 10-100
Power Stability, % ± 1
Feed Fiber Core Diameter**, μm 50 100 150 200 300
Beam Parameter Product (Feed Fiber), mm × mrad 2 4 7 9 17
Minimal Process Fiber Core Diameter***, µm 100 200 300 400 800
Beam Parameter Product (Process Fiber), mm × mrad 3.5 6.5 12 13 17 48

* The power levels listed above are representative of selected models. Any power level in the 1-120 kW range is available. Higher powers are available upon request.
** A direct feed fiber terminates in either an HLC (QBH-type) or LCA (QD-style) connector in standard lengths of up to 30 meters.
Custom connectors and fiber lengths are available.
*** Larger core diameters are available upon request.

YLS 30 kW

 YLS- YLS-8000 YLS-10000 YLS-20000 YLS-40000 YLS-60000 YLS-120000
Cooling Water-cooled
Supply Voltage, VAC 3-phase 400-480, 50/60 Hz
Wall-plug Efficiency, % >40%
YLS Series Datasheet


2D/3D Thin and Thick Cutting Welding
Stainless and Mild Steel Cutting Drilling
Processing Copper, Brass, Aluminum and Titanium Cladding
Heat Treating Brazing


High Peak Power Ytterbium fiber lasers

IPG offers Beam Delivery Accessories such as beam delivery fiber, beam couplers, shutters, switches and beam sharers.

These accessories can be purchased separately from the laser or installed internally prior to laser purchase.

Please contact IPG Photonics Sales Representative to discuss these options.

IPG Photonics offers water-to-air and water-to-water Chillers for fiber lasers with output power up to 6 kW.    Chillers


MATERIALS PROCESSING: 100 kW fiber laser, power meter serve industry

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