best high power fiber laserbest high power fiber laser

High Power CW Fiber Lasers

High power kW class fiber laser systems range from

one to hundreds of kW average power. Housed in

rugged cabinets, these systems are designed to

operate in industrial manufacturing environments.

The lasers come with a variety of beam delivery

and process head options providing the

ultimate flexibility in optimizing one laser for

many different applications. IPG's high

power industrial fiber lasers have

garnered wide acceptance in the

very demanding automotive,

aerospace and oil & gas industries,

often operating multiple shifts.

IPG’s High Power CW Fiber Lasers cover output power range from 1 kW to over 100 kW and feature a wide range of operating wavelengths, single-mode and multi-mode options, high stability and extremely long pump diode lifetime. These lasers are water-cooled and can be supplied with a built-in or standalone chiller. The lasers are available with a wide variety of fiber terminations, collimation optics and processing heads.

IPG manufactures high power CW Ytterbium lasers in 1 to >100 kW range and Erbium, Thulium and Raman fiber lasers in 1 to 5 kW range. 

Other CW lasers operating in > 1 kW power range are Diode Lasers and CW Fiber Amplifiers.


Features of High Power Fiber Lasers

Single-mode up to 10 kW Dynamic Range from 10 to 100%
Multi-mode up to 500 kW Optional Affixed Chiller
Excellent BPP Maintenance-free Operation
Constant BPP Over Entire Power Range Modular ‘Plug & Play’ Design
Small Focus over Large Working Distance Compact, Rugged & Easy to Install
Record Wall-plug Efficiency up to 50% Integrated Coupler, Beam Sharer or Switch Options

High power fiber lasers possess unique combination of properties that make them excel over both conventional non-laser and competing laser technologies on both quality and cost.

A Unique Combination of Benefits

Fiber lasers have established a superior position in high average power multi-kW industrial laser applications. High power fiber lasers possess unique combination of properties that make them excel over conventional non-laser and competing laser technologies on both quality and cost:

  • inherently higher brightness (high power and small spot size)
  • superior reliability/ hot redundancy
  • wall-plug efficiency exceeding that of high brightness direct diode systems
  • modularity and scalability allowing for easy maintenance and low down time
  • fiber optic delivery with a wide choice of output fiber core diameters optimized for the application
  • compact rugged design
  • ease of integration with scanners and optical heads
  • availability of beam switches, couplers and sharers providing unique versatility.

A Unique Combination of Advanced Technologies

High power fiber lasers are created from active optical fibers and semiconductor diodes, a merger between two of the most innovative and advanced laser technologies. Fiber lasers use single emitter semiconductor diodes as the best light source to pump the active fibers. The laser beam emitted is contained within optical fibers and delivered through an armored flexible cable. Active fibers are special optical fibers doped with rare earth ions, these allow for an extremely bright light from a very small core, thus combining multikilowatt output power with excellent beam quality. IPG uses unique set of proprietary technologies to create the highest beam quality, the most reliable and most energy efficient kilowatt class lasers available on the market today.


The divergence specifications of IPG fiber lasers are far superior of other lasers.

Fiber Lasers Have Superior Divergence and Brightness

The divergence specifications of high power IPG fiber lasers are far superior of other high power lasers. This feature allows the use of long focal length processing lenses for vastly improved depth of field, less damage to optical components and makes them ideal for remote welding applications.



A single laser can be utilized for both high and low power welding, drilling and precision cutting applications.

Flexibility: Both High and Low Power Applications From the Same Laser

Our low-order-mode kilowatt class fiber lasers range in power from 1 to >100 kW, operating in CW or modulated modes up to 5 kHz. The dynamic operating range of these devices is from 10% to full power with no change in beam divergence or beam profile throughout the entire range. This allows a single laser to be utilized for both high and low power welding, drilling and precision cutting applications. This is a previously unheard of capability.


The Highest Wall-plug Efficiency

Considering all types of lasers, IPG fiber laser is the most efficient power combiner and brightness converter. IPG YLS low-order-mode kilowatt class fiber lasers operate with typical wall-plug efficiencies greater than 40%. YLS-ECO Series lasers offer industry best wall-plug efficiency up to 50%, exceeding WPE of kW class direct diode laser systems. Please use this calculator to estimate electrical operating cost of different lasers over spans of 1, 3 and 5 years. Depending on the laser usage and the cost of electricity, savings due to switching to IPG fiber laser can be comparable with the price of the laser itself over the lifetime of the laser.


Fiber Lasers are Modular, Allowing Hot Redundancy

IPG YLS lasers are modular, with output of several fiber laser modules, each generating multiple hundreds of Watts of output power, combined into a single output fiber. In an unlikely event of a module failure the remaining modules will automatically compensate for the loss maintaining the output power, allowing production to continue. An error message will then alert the user of the specific issue that requires service. The laser can be operated without interruption due to redundancy of the number of modules built into the system, as well as diode pump redundancy built into each individual module. The hot redundancy of the number of pumping diodes also allows their operation at a reduced current, increasing their lifetime and the overall life of the laser.


The Highest Reliability

IPG’s unique combination of technologies results in a highly reliable laser system that outperforms any traditional laser technology including disc, rod or CO2 lasers. Our compact, robust fiber lasers have the longest diode lifetimes, require minimal maintenance and have the lowest down time. Our high power laser warranty is the best on the market. 




IPG Lasers are offered are offered in a variety of cabinet styles and sizes with multiple options including chillers and full suite of Beam Delivery Options:


Fiber Lasers are Easy to Transport, Integrate and Operate

  • Fiber lasers deliver their energy through an integrated flexible optical fiber.
  • Fiber lasers have a monolithic, entirely solid state, fiber-to-fiber design that does not require mirrors or optics alignment.
  • Fiber lasers are typically smaller and lighter in weight than traditional lasers, saving valuable floor space.
  • While conventional lasers are delicate due to the precise alignment of mirrors, fiber lasers are more rugged and able to perform in variable working environments. Fiber lasers can be lifted by cranes and moved around on wheels. They do not require vibrationaly isolated floors or expansive thermally stabilized rooms and enclosures.

GLPN-2000-S Green Laser System

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kW class Thulium Lasers

Kilowatt class multi-mode Thulium laser systems are offered upon request.
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