High Resolution Femtosecond Pulse Shaper

The femtoSHAPE-HR is a state-of-the-art pulse shaping system offering high spectral resolution, high versatility and top-notch dispersion management capabilities. The instrument is customizable to accommodate ultrafast laser spectra ranging from tens of nanometers wide  to octave spanning supercontinua. Unlike solutions based on acousto-optic devices, the Fourier-domain pulse shaping by a programmable liquid-crystal spatial light modulator does not require synchronization with a laser source, working equally well at repetition rates from 100 Hz to 1 GHz.



Over 600 Independent Control Channels

Highly Versatile and Easily Reconfigurable

Phase-only or Phase-and-amplitude Control Options

The femtoSHAPE-HR pulse shaper features a single- or dual-mask linear liquid-crystal spatial light modulator (LC SLM). The instrument comes complete with a compact spectrometer, nonlinear optical detection kit and a software package enabling push-button pulse compression to the Fourier-transform-limited duration using multiphoton intrapulse interference phase scan (MIIPS) technique. The software offers built-in functionality for time-domain pulse shaping and includes all necessary calibration routines to re-configure the instrument as the end user’s demands evolve.

The femtoSHAPE-HR system supersedes the legendary MIIPSBox640 product line.

Polarization Linear, Horizontal
Average Power, W * <2
Pulse Energy, mJ * <0.25
Collimated Beam Diameter, 1/e2, mm 2.8 (typ.), <3

*Depends on the center wavelength of the laser source. The estimates above assume 800 nm laser source. If the bottom-to-bottom laser bandwidth is narrower than the pulse shaper’s passband, the maximum power/energy limit should scaled down proportionally. Note that for low laser repetition rates (<8 kHz), the pulse energy threshold defines the limit on the input average power.

Programmable Device LC SLM, Linear Array
SLM Dispersion Axis, Number of Pixels 640
Pixel Pitch, μm 100

Pulse Control Variables*

Phase-only or Phase-and-amplitude

Central Wavelength, λc, nm**

Customizable (within 430-1600)
Spectral Passband, Δλ, nm** Customizable, <1 octave
Spectral Resolution, dλ, nm** ~ Δλ/640
Throughput, %*** ~45

* Programmable spectral phase and transmission (if available) are encoded on every laser pulse, without synchronization with the laser source. This frequency-domain pulse shaping translates into corresponding changes of the time-domain profile.

** Depends on the pulse shaper configuration.

*** The SLM is set to apply “zero” phase and 100% transmission mask across the entire passband. The throughput is measured without a polarizer in front of the SLM aperture. The reported value is typical, the actual throughput depends on the pulse shaper configuration.

Dimensions (W × D × H), mm 226 × 476 × 211
Cooling Air-cooled
Supply Voltage, VAC 100-240, 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption, W <7.2


Coherent Control  Nonlinear Spectroscopy
Multiphoton Imaging Enhanced Light-Matter Interactions
Proteomic/metabolomic Terahertz Generation
femtoSHAPE-HR drawings
Dimensions - mm [in]
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