FemtoSHAPE femtosecond pulse shapers

Femtosecond Pulse Shapers

IPG Photonics offers a line of "4f" pulse shapers that

use multiphoton intrapulse interference phase scan

 MIIPS® technology for high-finesse pulse

dispersion management, with capabilities

extending far beyond the basic linear

chirp correction. Fourier-domain

pulse shaping by a programmable

liquid-crystal spatial light modulator

does not require synchronization

with a laser source, working

equally well at repetition rates

from 100 Hz to 1 GHz.

Femtosecond Pulse Shapers

femtoSHAPE-SR ultrafast pulse shaper

Core Functionality

femtoSHAPE-HP ultrafast pulse shaper

High Energy & Power

femtoSHAPE-HR ultrafast pulse shaper

Resolution & Versatility

YLPF-FlexO femtosecond laser with pulse shaper

Integrated Solution

The most common application for these devices is dispersion pre-compensation to achieve a near-Fourier-transform-limited pulse duration at a target location rather than at a laser output. The shortest pulse duration results in the highest laser peak power at the target, maximizing the efficiency of non-linear processes in various applications such as multi-photon microscopy, non-linear spectroscopy, high harmonic generation, filamentation, etc.

The comprehensive pulse shaping capabilities of the femtoSHAPE line of pulse shapers are also ideally suited for ultrafast applications that benefit from specific tailoring of pulse shapes or pulse sequences in the time domain.

Microscope Detection Unit

Microscope detection unit The Microscope Detection Unit (MDU) is designed to facilitate femtosecond pulse compression and measurement directly at the focal plane of a microscope, inverted or upright. It contains a nonlinear crystal for second harmonic generation (SHG) as well as other optical elements to separate SHG photons from the laser light and to couple the SHG light into a compact spectrometer via SMA-connected fiber.

MDU can be chosen as an option, instead of the free-space SHG detection assembly, upon ordering a pulse shaping system, or it can be purchased separately.

 Laser Spectral Range (input), nm 700 - 900 (typ.); customizable 

 SGH Spectral Range (output), nm

350 - 450(typ.); customizable 

 Max. Incident Laser Power, mW

20 @ 80 MHz rep. rate; <1 µJ/pulse 

 Microscope Objective

5x to 100x, air, oil or water immersion 

Collection N.A. (input)

~0.45, compatible with higher NA objectives

BBO SHG Crystal, µm

10, theta = 33.7° (typ.); customizable


BG39 glass (typ.); customizable

Dimensions, in.

3.5" × 1" × 1.125" (main unit); 3.5" × 3" × 0.125" (top plate)

Weight, g



Microscope Detection Unit Manual

Pulse Compression for Ultrafast Nonlinear Microscopy (White Paper)


MIIPS software

MIIPS2.x is a major upgrade of femtoSHAPE flagship software and the core of all pulse shaping instruments. It features new MIIPS modalities, hot-swapping of multiple spectrometers, enhanced push-button calibration routines, and improved user interface. For advanced ultrafast laser users and developers, MIIPS2.x software offers streamlined acquisition of interferometric and non-interferometric frequency-resolved autocorrelations and versatile interfaces for pulse shaping applications. The latter enable straightforward synthesis of a variety of phase and amplitude masks, as well as loading user-defined profiles.

MIIPS2.x software has been supplied with every pulse shaping system since 2011.

MIIPS1.x software provided by Biophotonics Solutions prior to 2011 can be upgraded to MIIPS2.x.

Please contact us for a software update quote.

Loading or Clearing Compensation Masks

Generating Two or More Pulses Using MICS Technique

Setting up a TCP-IP Spectrometer

femtoPulse Master

Download femtoPulse Master Software Download Link

femtoPuse Master software

femtoPulse Master is a standalone, easy-to-use software package that simulates the time-domain profile of a scalar optical field and a variety of nonlinear outputs based on the input spectrum and phase. The program features manipulation controls for the spectral phase and amplitude. It is available as a free "demo" version and as a full version. The full version of the software allows loading of user-defined spectrum and phase and saving all program outputs. The demo version plots all outputs but does not allow saving them. The ability to load user-defined spectrum and/or phase is also unavailable in the "demo" mode.

Operating systems:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
This product is not available for Mac or Linux.

To purchase a license, please contact us.

The full-licensed version has following functions in addition to all the others in the free demo version:

  • user can import user-define fundamental spectra and spectral phases files for calculation
  • user can export all the results generated from the software
  • user can implement 128-bit and 640-bit mask beside the 16-bit one

Software outputs:

  • Time-domain profile of the linearly polarized electric field, normalized on the maximum for the unshaped, transform-limited (TL) pulse
  • Time-domain profile of electric field intensity, normalized on the maximum for the unshaped, TL pulse.
  • Second-harmonic generation (SHG) spectrum, normalized on the SHG maximum for the unshaped, TL pulse.
  • Raman excitation efficiency spectrum, normalized on the excitation efficiency at zero wavenumber for the unshaped, TL pulse
  • MIIPS trace
  • MIIPS IITM trace
  • FROG/XFROG trace
  • Interferometric and background-free autocorrelation
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