BLM Series, 30-150 W

Blue Diode Laser Modules

IPG Photonics’ NEW BLM Series Blue Diode Laser Modules are turnkey diode systems with integrated driver electronics and conduction-, air- or water-cooling. With output powers up to 150 W, these compact, rugged modules produce 445-465 nm output with 5 nm linewidth. The conduction-cooled BLM modules are available up to 50 W, air- or water-cooled at 100 and 150 W. The modules feature standard SMA-905 connector and can be offered with a range of output options including collimator or bare fiber termination. IPG’s diode modules are attractively priced for OEMs and integrators and serve a wide range of entertainment, medical and laser pumping applications.



Output Power up to 150 W

Conduction-, Air- or Water-cooled Module

Wavelength 445 - 465 nm Compact & Rugged Design
  BLM-30 BLM-50 BLM-100 BLM-150
Wavelength, nm 445-465
Linewidth FWHM, nm 5
Mode of Operation CW/modulated
Maximum Average Power*, W 30 50 100 150
Power Stability*, % ±1
Standard Fiber Termination SMA-905
Output Fiber Diameter, μm 100 200
Output NA 0.22

* Higher output power available upon request

  BLM-30 BLM-50 BLM-100 BLM-150
Cooling Conduction-cooled  Air- or Water-cooled 
Module Dimensions, mm 80 × 160 × 22 270 × 255 × 75 or 270 × 220 × 60 
Control Interface DB-25 Analog
Max. Supply Voltage, VDC 58
Max. Power Consumption, W 100 150 350 500


BLM Series Datasheet


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