Diode Laser Systems

IPG’s proprietary diode technology lies

at the heart of every product we produce.

Our diodes are commercially available in

several product configurations ranging

from individual packages emitting

10 Watts to turnkey systems capable

of 2000 Watts. Whatever your

preferred configuration, IPG’s

broad diode product portfolio

offers a solution to meet

your needs.



IPG Photonics’ diode technology is available in three separate levels of integration to meet the needs of our diode laser customers: PLD, DLM/DLR amd BLM/BLR Series.

The DLM product line extends IPG’s diode lasers into user-friendly modules incorporating integrated driver electronics and cooling features. Air-cooled DLM modules offer up to 500 W output power while our water-version ranges up to 2000 W. Available options include a red guide laser and several fiber terminations including our standard 5-mm collimator.

The DLR product line is a turn-key diode laser system with integrated beam delivery optics, power supply and cooling system in a 3RU rack-mounted chassis. Standard DLR solutions are available over a complete power range spanning up to 2000 Watts.

The BLM Series blue diode modules are diode systems with integrated driver electronics and conduction-, air- or water-cooling. With output powers up to 300 W, these compact, rugged modules produce 450 nm output with 5 nm linewidth. The conduction-cooled BLM modules are available up to 50 W, air-cooled up to 150 W and water-cooled up to 300 W. The modules feature standard SMA-905 connector and can be offered with a range of output options including collimator or bare fiber termination. IPG’s diode modules are attractively priced for OEMs and integrators and serve a wide range of entertainment, medical and laser pumping applications.

BLR rack mounted turn-key blue diode lasers include 500 W and 1000 W models.

DLT Series tunable diode lasers deliver 35 to 100 W output power with linewidth and wavelength tuning options. Polarization options are random, linear and circular. External beam expander/polarizer allows for up to 3 inch beam diameter. Hybrid lasers provide several wavelengths for simultaneous pumping of several alkali metal atoms (e.g. Rb/Cs or Rb/K). Narrowband laser for large area Raman spectroscopy for food quality control is also available at 785 nm.

Regardless which diode solution suits your application, rest assured that the IPG diode technology you select offers state-of-the-art power, brightness, efficiency and reliability in the most compact form factor available.


IPG is the world’s largest manufacturer of high power diode lasers. Multiple Megawatts of rated diode power roll out of our highly automated factories on a quarterly basis. Over a decade of intense innovation and investment results in diodes which are brighter, more reliable, efficient and compact than any competing diode solution.




factory 2

  IPG diodes are available in the 445-465 and 790 – 980 nm range of the near infrared spectrum, where the sweet spots of diode laser performance reside. Our scientists painstakingly perfected the diode design and manufacturing process to push individual device lifetime beyond 100,000 hours. When deployed in ensembles, IPG’s diode solutions exceed the most demanding industrial reliability requirements.


IPG diodes are rapidly displacing laser diode bars in the competitive marketplace. A bar is a monolithic array of 10 or more diode lasers on a single chip. Thus, all emitters share a single electrical driver and heat sink. The resulting electrical and thermal cross talk seriously limit the performance of bar sources, while their reliability is generally limited by the weakest emitting element.


single emitters




IPG has been a pioneer in the single emitter pumping solution that is free of these drawbacks, since they can form an ensemble of independent diode laser elements. Contrary to laser diode bars, failure of any number of single emitter devices has no effect on the performance and reliability of the rest of ensemble. By designing the proper amount of diode redundancy into the ensemble, IPG diodes can meet the most challenging reliability requirements. In fact, it is this powerful concept of diode ensemble redundancy which has driven the spectacular growth of the service-free fiber laser platform and revolutionized the industrial laser industry.



IPG is among very few industrial laser manufacturers with an internal supply of diode pump lasers. Today, IPG is the world’s largest manufacturer of high power diode lasers which stands as a testament to our philosophy favoring vertical integration over outsourcing. Our diodes are fully assembled by IPG personnel at three separate facilities worldwide allowing our company to maintain full traceability within an environment of relentless quality control. Because our critical diode sub-components are also manufactured in-house, IPG’s vertical integration provides complete control over supply chain costs and quality. 

  MBE reacrtor



Numerous proprietary technologies and innovations have evolved IPG’s diode platforms into the industries’ finest combination of reliable power, efficiency, size and cost, while the ongoing close collaboration between our fiber laser and diode design teams ensures IPG diodes are ideally suited for fiber laser pumping. The intimacy provided by IPG’s vertical model enables the industries’ shortest development to manufacturing cycle time.



IPG was the first laser OEM to apply telecom-grade diode manufacturing to the industrial laser arena. Each diode we ship, whether for an industrial, medical or telecom application, undergoes a rigorous burn-in screen spanning hundreds of hours at highly elevated current and temperature levels. By selecting diodes from only the very best MBE-grown wafer material, maintaining total manufacturing traceability, and by thoroughly screening each of the millions of chips we produce annually (nearly 8 million in 2015), IPG has achieved an unprecedented standard of reliable power. Our comprehensive knowledge of diode lifetime as a function of drive current enables our customers to make intelligent design trade-offs balancing their needs for reliable power, electrical efficiency and cost to the extent that IPG provides an unlimited diode solution set. Performance-driven customers are able to push IPG diodes to the industries’ highest drive current, brightness and power levels, while reliability focused customers may specify diode ensembles guaranteed to be service-free over their system lifetime.


burn in


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