1-30 W50-100 WOEM Module

YAR-LP-SF, 1-100 W

Single Frequency Ytterbium Amplifiers

The YAR-LP-SF Series is a line of linearly polarized (LP) single frequency (SF) single-mode fiber amplifiers covering the spectral range from 1030-1070 nm. Typical bandwidth of the amplifier is 10-20 nm (depending on output power) which allows tunability of the input signal for exact wavelength matching. The series includes 1-100 W versions. These user friendly and highly efficient 19” rack mounted devices are designed for maintenance-free applications over a temperature range of 10°C to 35°C. The YAR-LP-SF Series is optimized for linearly polarized single frequency input signals and can be used for a variety of applications including coherent beam combining, detection systems, sensing and other applications.


YAR-LP-SF Series amplifiers provide amplification of linearly polarized, single frequency input signals.

The standard amplifier has a 25 dB input optical isolation and <-60 dB residual pump power at the input and output ports. The typical extinction ratio is ~20-23 dB.

The YAR-LP-SF Series amplifier provides control over output power via a front panel touch screen display, RS-232, or Ethernet. All controlled and read parameters can be found in a User Guide.


IPG’s YAR-LP-SF Series amplifiers do not need water-cooling or replacement parts and requires only a 110/220V AC power source to provide amplification for your low power signal.

All YAR-LP-SF Series amplifiers are wavelength stabilized.


Stable Wavelength Automatic Power and Current Controls
Single Frequency Operation in Adverse Ambient Conditions
Up to 100 W Saturated Output Power Air-cooled
Single-mode Fiber Delivery Extremely Reliable
Advanced Protection Circuits Against Input Signal Interruption and High Back Reflection
 YAR- 1-LP-SF 2-LP-SF 5-LP-SF 10-LP-SF 20-LP-SF 30-LP-SF 50-LP-SF 100-LP-SF
Operating Spectral Range, nm 1030-1070
Mode of Operation CW/Pump Current Modulation with External Signal
Input Power Range,* mW 1-5
Saturated Output Power** (Pin = 1 mW), W 1 2 5 10 20 30 50 100
Adjustable Power Range, % 5-100 1-100
Long Term Power Stability***, % 0.5 typical,  3 maximum
Relative Residual Pump at Input/Output Ports, dB -60
Polarization Linear, >100:1

* Other input power ranges are available.

** Other output powers are available.

*** Over 8 hours

 YAR- 1-LP-SF 2-LP-SF 5-LP-SF 10-LP-SF 20-LP-SF 30-LP-SF 50-LP-SF 100-LP-SF
Console Dimensions*
(W × D × H), mm
1-30 W483 × 403 × 133 50-100 W482 × 550 × 177
Weight, kg 21 typical 30 typical
Cooling Air
Supply Voltage, VAC  single-phase 50-60 Hz, 100-240
Power Consumption, W <150 <175 <185 <200 <220 <250 <300 <500

* YAM-LP-SF OEM modules up to 30 W are available upon request.

YAR-LP-SF Datasheet


Holography & Interferometry Atom Trapping & Optical Tweezers
Optical Metrology Biomedical Instrument Integration
High Resolution CW Spectroscopy CW Mid-IR OPO pumping
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