EAR-LP-SF, 5-30 W

Single Frequency Erbium Amplifiers

The EAR-LP-SF Series is a line of linearly polarized (LP) single frequency (SF) single-mode erbium fiber amplifiers covering the spectral range from 1540 to 1605 nm and output power range from 1 to 30 W. The EAR-LP-SF Series erbium amplifiers can be used for coherent beam combining, detection systems, sensing and other applications. The EAR-LP-SF Series amplifiers do not need water cooling or replacement parts and require only a 100 - 240 VAC power source to provide amplification for your low power signal.



Output Power 1-30 W Telecom Reliability
Single Frequency Compact Rugged Design
Single-mode Fiber Output Cost Effective Solutions
1-LP-SF 5-LP-SF 10-LP-SF 20-LP-SF 30-LP-SF
C-Band Operating Wavelength Range, nm 1535-1565  1540-1565 1545-1565
L-Band Operating Wavelength Range, nm 1570-1605 N/A
Mode of Operation CW
Input Power Range*, mW 1-5 
Output Power (Pin = 1 mW), W 1  5 10  20    30
Adjustable Output Power Range, % 1-100     3-100
Long-Term Power Stability**, % 0.5 typical, 1.5 maximum
C-Band Polarization Linear, >200:1 Linear, >150:1
L-Band Polarization Linear, >200:1 N/A

* Custom input power range is available upon request.

** Over 8 hours

1-LP-SF 5-LP-SF 10-LP-SF 20-LP-SF 30-LP-SF
Console Style* 3RU AC 4 RU
Dimensions (W × × H), mm 448 × 404 × 133 448 × 505 × 177
Weight, kg 21 typical 30 typical
Cooling Air
Supply Voltage, VAC single-phase 50-60 Hz, 110-240 
Power Consumption (20oC), W <150    <190 <250 <350 <420

* EAM OEM module packages are available upon request up to 10 W power.


Atom Trapping / Tweezers Scientific Applications
Remote Sensing Telecom Applications
Holography & Interferometry Medical Applications
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