LBO Crystals

IPG has developed unique fabrication processes for the LBO crystalline
laser optical elements. Now we offer these elements commercially
to OEM external customers.

Crystal growth process we employ for LBO material is unparalleled.
We grow structurally perfect large boules without any bulk defects,
striations or inclusions. In addition, our boules have very low
dislocation density and some material is completely dislocation free.
Our oversized boules enable us making especially large
optical elements. We can offer non-linear optical LBO
elements up to 100 mm long or 100x100 mm2
cross-sections. Our highly effective growth
process allows us to offer this material
at a very competitive price.

Our LBO has extremely low absorption at the wavelengths of interest, 1064 and 532 nm. We can provide material with absolute absorption of ~ 1 ppm/cm at both wavelengths. Laser damage threshold of our LBO crystals is record high, e.g.  Its bulk LIDT at 532 nm, 15 ns is >50 GW/cm2.

We have developed exceptional polishing procedures, which guarantee very low subsurface damage and super-polish finish of a crystal surface. We can readily achieve RMS surface roughness of 2 Angstroms.

Our coating capabilities encompass IBS, e-beam and magnetron anti-reflective techniques. The processes are perfected to yield coatings with ultra-low reflectivity and absorption. We engineered coatings with absorption as low as 2 ppm and reflectivity less than 100 ppm (0.01%) at 1064 nm.

Finally, we offer LBO optical crystals with superior bulk quality and the best surface quality available today in the marketplace.

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