Mid Power Scanner

Mid Power Scanner

Mid Power Scanner for Remote Applications


IPG's Mid Power Scanner enables remote scanning applications with CW and QCW IPG's fiber lasers with average power output from 100 W up to 2 kW.


Typical applications include welding, cutting, deep engraving and additive manufacturing.

Wavelength  1070 - 1080 nm
Max Laser Power  2 kW CW
Mirror Clear Aperture  12 mm
Fiber Adaptor  HLC-8
   Dynamic Performance
Tracking Delay  < 0.1 ms
Repeatability (rms)  < 5 μrad
Long-term drift  < 1 mrad, over 8 hours (after warm-up)
Communication  XY2-100
   Optical Configuratons
Collimator FL  50 mm
Focal Length Options

 100 mm
 160 mm
 250 mm

Mid-power Scanner Datasheet

MP scanner

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