Laser Marker

IR Integrated Marker

2D Scanning System with Pulsed Fiber Laser

IPG Photonics brings ease and flexibility to laser marking integrators and OEMs by providing a complete laser marking module in one compact and cost effective package. The module consists of IPG new generation pulsed fiber laser fully integrated with a 2-axis scanning system. The high pulse energy of the IPG laser combined with the fast and accurate positioning of the scanning sub-module provide high marking speeds without sacrificing quality. The module also includes control electronics, scanning optics and a versatile marking software. This complete module comes fully optimized, pre-calibrated and designed to help integrators enhance their laser marking products.


Marked Materials

Stainless Steel Silver
Nickel Alloy Brass
Aluminum Plastics and Polymers

The IPG laser marking module is also available without controller or software. The industry standard command inputs will help integrators utilize their current controller and software package. Regardless of the level of integration chosen, IPG’s laser marking module will provide the ultimate solution for laser marking integrators.

 Rotary Marking with IPG's Integrated Marker  


Wavelength: 1064 nm

Includes Control Electronics, Scanning Optics and Software

Pulsed Fiber Laser with 2-axis Scanning System

Fully Integrated, Easy to Install

Laser Power Options up to 100 W Compact Rugged Design
Over 30% Wall-plug Efficiency  at 1064 nm Industry Leading Diode Lifetime
Wavelength, nm


Mode of Operation Pulsed
Maximum Average Power, W 20 30 50
Output Power Tunability, % 10 - 100  
Pulse Energy, mJ  1 mJ
Pulse Duration, ns 80 - 120, typ. 100
Laser Rep Rate, kHz 2 - 200
Laser Switching ON/OFF Time, μs 2 - 3
Clear Aperture, mm 12
Square Field Size Options, mm 60, 110, 170
Tracking Delay, μsec 100
Repeatability, μm <100 (160 mm FL)
Protection Class (Process Unit) IP67
Weight (Process Unit), kg 4
Integrated Marker Brochure

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