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High Power Scanners

High power scanners for remote applications

The excellent beam mode quality of fiber lasers makes them an ideal fit for applications requiring low beam divergence and high brightness, such as high speed remote welding and cutting. IPG has broadened its beam delivery product line with a high-power remote scanning system. With variable spot size/depth of focus, the scanner can also be used for surface treatment applications such as cladding, heat treating, marking, paint removal and ablation. The high power scanners are offered with 2D and 3D scanning capabilities and software options. The scanner is offered either stand alone, or integrated into a Robotic Cell.



Unmatched Laser Power Handling Variable Spot Size
Completely Sealed for Long Term Stability Water-cooled Optics
Plug and Play Architecture for all IPG lasers Pre-calibrated Scan Field
Available with IPG Controller & Application Software Air Knife Attachment
Optional CCD Camera Attachment

HP scanner  

Example Specifications

Laser Power, kW 12
Clear Aperture. mm 33
Spot Size, μm

~300 (with 100 μm fiber)

~600 (with 200 μm fiber)

Field Size, mm 200 × 200 


 High Power Scanner Brochure


Three-dimensional Scanner for High Speed, High Power Welding and Cutting 

Robotic Applications: Stationary, Robot synchronized and Processing-on-the-fly
Remote Cutting Cladding Paint Removal
Remote Welding Marking Laser Ablation



The High Power Scanner System is also

offered integrated into a Robotic Cell

weld cell    




Markets Served





White Industry


Battery Manufacturing


Energy Industries

Seat Manufacturing

Body Welding

  Turbine Blade Repair of “Unweldable” Alloys   Welding of Stamped Sub-Assemblies   High Speed Thin Sheet Cutting  
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