Diode Marker

Diode Marking Module


The DLM-60×7 is a high speed laser marker designed for continuous

line marking of use by dates, alpha numeric text, lot and batch

numbers, and other critical production information for the food,

beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.


The laser uses seven high performance diode lasers to create

the marks and can keep up with high line speeds and non-stop

production. Direct part making eliminates chemicals and inks.



Wavelength 970 nm Compact head size
7 Channels

Solid state, no moving parts

Channel Peak Power 55 W

No consumables

BPP 8 mm × mrad Maintenance free
Focus Spot Diameter 120 μm

High efficiency

Minimum Pulse width 10 μs 

High uptime and reliability

Wavelength, nm 970
Linewidth, nm < 10, 5 typ.
Nominal Chnannel Peak Power, W  > 55
Pulse Width, μs 10
Average Duty Cycle, %  30 
Beam Parameter Product, mm×mrad 8
Focus Spot Diameter, μm 120 @ F = 50 mm
Fiber Cable Length, m
Module Dimensions (W x D x H), mm 270 x 260 x 75
Cooling  Forced Air
Operating Heatsink Temperature, ºC min. 10, max. 35
Houskeeping Supply Voltage, VDC 24
Main Supply Voltage, VDC 12
Houskeeping Current, A 1.5 
Peak Current, A 84
Average Duty Cycle, % 30 


Marking of packaging
Direct product marking
Replacement of ink markers 





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