Seam Finder

Seam Finder

Modular Welding Head Adaptor

IPG Seam Finder is a modular adaptor for IPG FLW D30 and D50 Welding Head enabling welding seam tracking on fast moving parts. The Seam Finder is provided with IPG software and user interface in flexible configurations meeting specific user requirements. The user interface monitors the seam position allowing user to adjust welding head accordingly. The accuracy of adjustment is within 10 μm and the material (welding) speed is up to 20 meters per minute.



Attaches easily to IPG welding heads IPG Sotware and User Interface
Ideal for welding fast moving parts Flexible configurations

Seam Finder  

Example Implementation*

Camera Lens F35 & 15 mm extender
Height Above Material  90 mm
Material Velocity up to 20 m/minute
Seam Gap Range 200 to 3,000 μm
Field of View 11.2 mm x 8.5 mm
Seam Tracking Range  +/- 2 mm
Seam Location Measure better than 10 μm
Ring Illumination  green 20 x 5 W LED

*other configurations are available


• User interface shows the seam, its locaton, and allows adjustments.
• Processed camera image sends difference of actual to desired
position to stage controller.
• Stage controller moves weld head over seam.
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