Microcutting head

Micro-cutting Head

Small spot sizes and high-resolution focus adjustment

IPG micro-cutting heads provide the ideal solution for micro-machining applications which require small spot sizes and high-resolution focus adjustment. The combination of IPG micro-cutting head’s internal optics and its completely sealed architecture provide long term stability of both focal plane and beam quality even at high laser powers. IPG micro-cutting heads are plug and play with all IPG lasers providing ease of integration and service. Utilizing all its attributes, IPG micro-cutting heads not only provide unmatched cutting results, but they also maintain the same cut quality over both time and laser power.



Small spot sizes from 15 μm

Up to 1 kW power handling

Higher power density

High-resolution focus adjustment

Lightweight and compact

Plug-and-play integration

Long term stability of cut quality

Laser Power, kW up to 1
Collimating Lens, mm 50, 60, 70, 85
Focusing Lens, mm

50, 60, 70, 85

Fiber Receiver

HLC-8 and LCA


Camera Arm Assembly Option

Precision image position adjustment
Image focus and lock
Integrated iris
C-mount extension tube



C-mount Camera Options

Digital HD Camera

• Direct connectivity to any HD monitor
• No PC Required
• 1/3” CCD
• True 720p HD O/P @ 60fps
• Inbuilt Cross-Hair Generator
• 40w x 40h x 45.8d


Digital Power Over Ethernet Camera

• Suited for image processing applications
• 1/3” CCD
• 1.2 Megapixel resolution @ 40fps
• Cross-Hair generation via bundled software
• 35w x 35h x 57.3d
• PC Based


Cutting Head Brochure



Ideal for micro-machining of

Stainless steel Copper Sapphire
Mild steel Brass Glass
Aluminum Titanium Ceramics

Camera Arm Assembly option is sold separately.

R and L

Right Horizontal                                                                                             Left Horizontal


Camera Arm Assembly option is not available with the Standalone configuration.

Vertical configuration is the same as Standalone, except it is compatible with the camera arm option (sold separately).



Micro-cutting Head Accessories

▪ Camera Arm Assembly
▪ Coaxial Illumination (through camera port)
▪ Cover slides
▪ Cutting Nozzles
▪ Spare Parts

camera arm coax illumination thin nozzle protective windows
Camera Arm Assembly Digital HD Camera D25 Focusing Lens Module Cutting Nozzle Protective Windows
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