FLC-D30 H and V

FLC 30 Cutting Head

Power handling up to 12 kW

IPG’s reliable, energy efficient kW class fiber lasers have revolutionized the metal cutting industry. IPG now offers a complete range of optical heads to accompany its fiber lasers, including the FLC-30 cutting head. The FLC-30 extremely low weight minimizes the moving mass on cutting systems. With constant height sensing and integrated electronics to monitor cover slide presence and contamination, the FLC-30 provides constant feedback. Camera units can be added for viewing the cutting process in real time. Supplied in straight or right angled configurations, with the broadest focus and collimator lens configurations available on the market, the FLC-30 together with IPG’s fiber lasers is the perfect cutting solution.



Able to Cut Steel, Copper, Aluminum and Brass Ultra-stable Capacitive Height Sensing
Vertical and Horizontal Configurations Optional Camera with Coaxial Illumination

12 kW CW Laser Power Handling

Broad Range of Focusing Lens and Collimators
Completely Sealed Design Motorized Focus Adjustment Option
Low Weight Optional Pierce Sensing Capability

callouts flc30  
Laser Power, kW up to 12
Collimating Lens, mm 50, 60, 70, 85, 100
Focusing Lens, mm

125, 150, 200, 250

Fiber Receiver

HLC8 and LCA

Weight (V), kg ≥ 2.95
Weight (H), kg ≥ 3.5




Cutting Head Brochure

vertical 1

Cutting Head Accessories

▪ Camera Arm Assembly
▪ Coaxial Illumination (through camera port)
▪ Cover slides
▪ Cutting Nozzles
▪ Spare Parts

camera arm

Camera Arm Assembly

coax illumination

Digital HD Camera

thick nozzle

Thick Nozzle

thin nozzle

Thin Nozzle

protective windows

Protective Windows

  • External adjustment of optimized cutting height
  • Improved pierce time and quality
  • Can be controlled by Ethernet, Digital input or an Analog input
Focus Range, mm -15 to +5
Velocity, mm/s 0.1 to
Analog Input, V -10 to + 10 full range scale, 1 mm/V
Digital Input, V 5 to 24 volt logic

Cutting Head Piercing Sensor

▪ Motorized option with pierce detection
▪ Monitoring for cover slide presence and contamination
▪ Height sensor maintains constant distance to work piece
▪ Integrated back reflection monitoring


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