Compact cutting head

Compact Cutting Head

Power handling up to 4 kW

IPG's compact cutting heads are an ideal solution for standard flatbed cutting applications. The combination of IPG's compact cutting heads internal optics and their completely sealed architecture provide long term stability of both focal plane and beam quality with lasers up to 4 kW power. IPG's compact cutting heads are plug and play with all IPG lasers providing ease of integration and service. Utilizing all their attributes, IPG compact cutting heads not only provide precise cutting results, but also maintain precision cut quality over both time and laser power.



Able to Cut Steel, Copper, Aluminum and Brass Ultra-stable Capacitive Height Sensing
4 kW CW Laser Power Handling Adjustable Focus Indicator
Air-cooled up to 1 kW Broad Range of Focusing Lens and Collimators
Completely Sealed Design Can be used with 3rd party electronics
Low Weight

IPG compact cutting head  
Laser Power, kW up to 4
Collimating Lens, mm 85, 100
Focusing Lens, mm

125, 150, 200

Fiber Receiver

HLC8 and LCA

Weight (V), kg < 2.5



Cutting Head Brochure

Compact Cutting Head Configuration

Compact Cutting Head Accessories

  • Cutting Nozzles
  • Protective Window
  • Spare Parts
thin nozzle protective windows
Cutting Nozzle Protective Windows
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