12 mm25 mm50 mm

Beam Shutters

1 Channel Beam Switch

A Beam Shutter, or a 1-channel Beam Switch, is mainly used to increase the process speed in a production line. By adding a high-speed shutter to the beam path, the laser can be kept on and the laser input to the process fiber can be controlled through the shutter. In addition, beam shutters provide ease of replacement of process fibers when switching from one application to another or in case of damage to a process fiber. Typical feeding fiber core diameter is 50 μm, while process fibers have many different core diameters up to several hundreds of microns. Beam shutters are available with 12, 25 and 50 mm optics. Beam Shutters are configured with QBH compatible HLC connectors and QD compatible LCA bayonets and adaptors as well.



Fiber Break Detection High Speed Beam Shutter
TUV Approved Minimal Temperature Loss
Over Temperature Protection  

Maximum Power, kW 3 10 30
Optics Diameter 12 mm 25 mm 50 mm
Bayonet Types HLC-8
Input Fiber Core Diameter, μm  50
Output Fiber Core Diameter*, μm  100 to 1000 150 to 1000
Weight, kg 4.6 12.5 34.7
Cooling Air Water

* The output core diameter depends on the bayonet type

QBH/HLC-8 range is 100-1000 mm
QBH/HLC-16 range is 200 - 600 mm
QD/LCA range is 100 - 600 mm



Coupling Feeding Fiber to a Process Fiber with a Beam Shutter

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